The three B’s to better balance

Let’s talk balance! Balance is probably one of our most desired goals as a Mother right?

“I just want better balance!” This is something I hear all the time from my awesome Mother star clients, and it’s something I’m also striving for in my own life and Motherhood.

But what does balance mean to you? And what are YOU trying to balance? It may come as a surprise, but trying to achieve balance in your external environment first – work, parenting, exercise, relationships etc. may get you so far. But long-lasting balance actually starts from within. Balance is, in fact, a state of being and not something you acquire from outside of you. Intrigued?

In this video from My Friday Mother Time Live, I share my 3 B’s to Better Balance – the mother from inside out approach to achieving lasting balance.

If you are a Mum who struggles with your energy and finding your sense of self and flow within motherhood,  I would love to hear from you. I offer both 1-2-1 coaching and online courses and programmes created for exhausted, depleted Mothers who are ready for a new way to create lasting energy and vitality. So please do get in touch.

Energy = Freedom x


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