The Mother Plan – Postnatal guide and toolkit


This is an area I’m hugely passionate about and it’s also an area very frequently neglected by most mums and mums to be.

Since having Bonnie, I have dedicated a lot of love and energy towards understanding the magical but challenging time of matrescence.

Postnatal’, according to western medicine, is the period up to 6-8 weeks post birth. In my experience this is governed by medical needs, such as healing and breastfeeding support, rather than the long-term nourishment and support needs of a mum. To clarify, postnatal/postpartum are often used interchangeably, but both describe the period after birth full stop. As a mum we are always postpartum.

The fourth trimester (your first three months post birth) is a crucial window of opportunity to recover, restore, replenish and rebalance physically, spiritually and emotionally and set you off on a successful journey into motherhood. That is why I have created ‘The Mother Plan’ –  a support package, where I will help you create your own guide so you can start off on your mothehood journey feeling, informed, empowered, inspired and more confident. 

Who is this package for? Expectant mums  – preconception, first, second or third trimester of pregnancy. 

What does it include? 1 x Initial consultation to get to know you (1hr), 2 x planning sessions (1hr each) then 1hr of support to be used at your leisure, this could be when baby is born. (4hrs support in all.)

What’s covered?

Matrescence – There are 4 key areas of a woman’s Matrescence that by having awareness of them, and by understanding how they might affect you and your transformation, could completely change your experience of motherhood.

  • Change in Dynamics
  • Fantasy v Reality
  • Ambivalence – Push and pull of Motherhood 
  • Mother guilt and shame 

Emotional preparation: Follows on beautifully from the 4 key areas of Matrescence

Topics include:

  • Your beliefs and values.  What’s true for you, what’s important to you and what is coming from other people
  • Mental health and emotional well-being
  • How to embrace the identity shift from woman to mother
  • Navigating the 4th trimester – Mother moon and creating space

The Four R’s: Recover, Replenish, Restore, Re-balance

  • Nutritional recommendations to support – energy, gut and immune health, hormones and metabolism
  • Tips for sleep and restorative practices
  • Stress management – how to manage your lifeload
  • Healing interventions – to support both C-section and natural delivery methods, connective tissue healing and advice regarding muscular-skeletal recovery
  • Nutritional support plan for breastfeeding
  • Recipes
  • Batch cooking advice including kitchen equipment recommendations

Building your tribe – connection and support

  • How to recruit ‘Your Team’ including managing post paternity leave
  • Local support networks

Please Note: I am unable to offer personalised or specific supplement/functional testing recommendations under this package, unless I take a full case history. This can be added to your package for a standard inital consulation rate of £150. Please notify me at the time of booking if this is something you are interested in.

Mums who engage with the Mother Plan Package are automatically entitled to 10% off my BeYouMum Coaching programme if they feel they need further support later on.