Are you tearing your hair out when it comes to cooking for your family? Are you out of ideas? Do you have a picky eater who just won’t touch any new foods? Does the mum guilt of feeling that family dinners just aren’t nutritious enough weigh heavily on your shoulders? Do you feel that your best efforts just aren’t good enough?


I hear you. It is this anxiety and stress surrounding family mealtimes that has been my inspiration and driving force behind the creation of the Good Bugs Picnic, a super fun and colourful guide on nourishing your family from the inside out. It’s firmly rooted in evidence-based science and cut through the media noise and confusion to show you WHAT, WHY and HOW to support your family’s health and happiness from the inside out.


“I hope you get the chance to reach more people, they will be the better for it. Your expansive knowledge is brilliant and you explain things at an easy & understandable level for any age.” Kim 

Happy gut, happy family


Decades of ever-evolving research have discovered that the one thing that has a huge influence over our immune function, our mood and mental health, our weight, our energy, our ability to focus and concentrate, our longevity and our overall health and happiness, is the galaxy of bugs that live within our intestines – the MICROBIOME. Did you know that you have more bugs in your gut than stars in the milky way?!

Promoting gut health applies to kids as much as it does to adults. Looking after our colony of gut bugs is the first step in feeling happy, energised and well. Balanced nutrition does not only promote general wellbeing and brain development in children, but it may also have a positive impact on the development of allergies and food intolerances. Follow the story of Ned whose gut bugs aren’t particularly happy and discover what steps he takes to feeling better, ready to live more, laugh more and play more!

Who is the Good Bugs Picnic for?


I’ve written the Good Bugs Picnic as a fun guide for the whole family. Kids will love the colourful and fun illustrations whilst parents will be able to soak up a wealth of information on how to make mealtimes fun again!

As a parent, the Good Bugs Picnic is for you if…

  • Do you feel exhausted, stressed and like you are operating in survival mode?
  • You find children’s nutrition fascinating, but are confused and overwhelmed by the mixed messages from the media and looking for a way to cut through the clutter.
  • You feel like you are not doing enough and would love to feel confident, empowered and full of knowledge on how best to support your family’s health.
  • You’re struggling to cut out processed and packaged foods for lack of inspiration and time to find healthier, homemade alternatives.
    • Does seeing to everyone’s nutritional needs and trying to look after yourself leave you feeling exhausted?  Do you often end up at the bottom of the pile?
    • You end up cooking three or four different meals at once and trying to cater for what’s healthy for everyone and you’re desperate to find a way to enjoy the same family meals.
    • You just want to know what YOUR child needs for good brain development, concentration and general wellbeing.
    • Your child has tummy problems, a weak immune system or food intolerances/allergies and you’re desperate to find a way of nourishment that makes them feel happy and well.

    Would you love to reclaim your energy AND nourish your children so you can feel more alive, calm, more on top of stuff and enjoy more time as a family?

    I see you, I hear you and I have something for you! It’s something out of this world … introducing: 


    The Good Bugs Picnic – A parent’s fun guide to nourishing your family from inside out, so you can all live more, play more and love life more.

    All for £9.99! 

    Health should not be stressful or boring. It should be empowering, fun and family-focused. focused. The Good Bug Picnic is the tool you’ve been waiting for! It is a 71-page science-based guide created by me, Annie Breen, a registered Nutritional Therapist, to educate, empower and breathe life and laughter back into your family’s health. 

    Let’s get our families together to discover the fun of healthy nutrition!


    What some of my Superstar Mum Clients have to say ...

    “Annie’s Good Bugs Picnic is amazing! It’s full of amazing educational resources and recipes for myself, and my children absolutely love the gorgeous and colourful illustrations. My 5-year-old in particular has developed a keen interest in her ‘good’ and ‘bad’ gut bugs and loves feeding them the right food. She’s even started trying (and ultimately loving) a couple of new foods which she’s previously vowed never to eat. Thank you Annie, for giving me confidence in feeding my family and bringing the fun back into mealtimes!


    What is included in the Good Bugs Picnic?

    • It is a 71-page guide created by me, Annie Breen, a registered Nutritional Therapist. Based on scientific research, the Good Bugs Picnic has been created to educate and empower you and to give you the tools to breathe life and laughter back into mealtimes and your family’s health.
    • It’s suitable for the whole family and includes simple, practical recommendations to suit all levelsalongside beautiful and engaging illustrations for the very little ones.
    • It’s science made fun so you can fully understand why gut health is so important. Knowing the WHY empowers the HOW .
    • It’s packed to the rafters with a rainbow of recipes (including meat and vegetarian options) to suit all nutrition groups and needs. 
    • The guide includes evidence based nutritional recommendations rooted in science .
    • It’s loaded with recommendations to support health from the very roots for sustainable, long term health outcomes .
    • The Good Bugs Picnic will help you feel empowered to make the right choices for your children until they are educated enough to make those choices for themselves .
    • Alongside a fun and educational story following a little boy called Ned, the Good Bugs Picnic is choca full of additional resources for the whole family including recipes, a fun family meal challengea gut bug game, a gut loving food guide, a poo guide (and what kid doesn’t love that!?), a guide on how to create a winning plate every time, a guide to work through stress and anxiety and much, much more! 

    What can I expect to get out of the Good Bugs Picnic?

    I’ve pulled together this fun and educational guide as a tool for your whole family to come together, laugh together and to make mealtimes fun again. Reading this guide will equip you with knowledge that will empower you to make the best choices for yourself and your family to support your health, wellbeing and happiness. 

    So many of my superstar mum clients struggle in a sea of conflicting messaging and advice when it comes to family nutrition – this eBook is here to help you cut through the noise and find a way that works for you. The Good Bug Picnic is full of fun and engaging illustrations, fun facts, stories and activities you can share with your children to spend some quality time together whilst learning all about the importance of loving our gut and body to feel happy and healthy. 

    The Good Bugs Picnic Guide

    All this for £9.99

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