Exhaustion may be your new normal, but I’m here to show you it’s not your destiny

Your 6 step roadmap to help you lighten your motherload and reclaim your energy.

A New Way to move from feeling lost and exhausted to feeling alive in your own skin so you can reignite the joy in your life and motherhood – without feeling like you should (but because you have the energy to do so).

A 10 week online programme for mothers looking for a New Way to do motherhood which breaks away from the exhausted, martyr mother to the empowered, confident, alive mother.




If you’re fed up of feeling so low, depleted and overwhelmed, and fantasise about having the kick ass energy of wonder woman so you can live your life not merely survive. And, you know deep down – that there’s another version of you – the empowered, confident alive one who claims her space ready to breakthrough then the Energised Mother Programme is for you!

Quite simply, I’ll help you remember who you are and show you how to reclaim your energy so that you can transform the relationship you have with yourself and in turn, your experience of motherhood

Let’s go a step further: I’ll help you gain the self-belief, worth and trust in yourself so you have the courage, confidence and resources needed create a life you love and in doing so, model to your children their own potential – And that is a legacy to live now right!


You have sling shot me forward to embark on a life I never thought possible.


What’s so special about this programme?

This programme is the only 10-week programme that specifically puts you, the Mother, at the centre and focuses on restoring your health and passion for life alongside your WHOLE family.

It incorporates every aspect of what it takes to feel truly ENERGISED in your Mind, Body, Heart, and Spirit.

From your thoughts, belief and behaviour patterns, your emotional state to your gut health, hormones, and nutritional status, and more. This programme provides you with A New Way to experience Motherhood and gives you tools for life for you and your family.

I’ll be honest, I can help you shift your mindset and eating patterns pretty quickly but what I’m interested in for you is lasting results which is why I’ve structured the programme so I can target your individual needs through 1-2-1  transformational coaching as well as group support. And, walk by your side while you implement the steps.


Incredibly healing, I had never experienced anything like it!
– Joanne

This programme is for you if you:


Feel stuck in your life and unhappy and overwhelmed which makes you feel like you can’t cope.


Wake up feeling bone-numbing exhausted and wonder how you’re going to get through another day. Go to bed thinking about all the things you haven’t done.


Want to break free from exhausting patterns of Overthinking, second-guessing yourself, and worrying about what others think which takes a lot of your precious energy and eats away at your confidence.


Are done with short-lived, quick fixes (hello caffeine, alcohol and chocolate – energy borrowed from tomorrow).


Feel like you are buckling under the weight of the mental load of motherhood and would love some accessible practical tools to help you feel instantly calmer and lighter within your body and mind.


Feel overwhelmed, foggy-brained, stuck, and indecisive, and would love to move forward in your life and be more efficient, without the usual anxiety and worry that keeps you feeling trapped.


It took me a long time of being aware of Annie before I actually made contact with her, as I didn’t even have the energy to type the email to ask for her help!

Are you also feeling that you:


Feel depleted like you have lost your sparkand lack energy as if you’re running on empty.


Finding the balance between, home, work and caring for your own needs is an exhausting task in itself. You know your spreading yourself too thinly but you find it a challenge to say no to demands of your time.


Feel you are living a legacy of with unresolved postnatal depletion, trauma, anxiety and or depression.


Have constant guilt about being a rubbish mum.


You worry your best isn’t enough. You’re a high achiever and try to do everything to your best ability but regularly feel like your on the back foot and failing.


You invest your time and energy in fulfilling everyone else’s needs and your responsibilities but there is something missing. You just want to feel like yourself again.

Why I’m the coach for you.

As a Therapist, I was not immune to postnatal depression, anxiety and burnout and the common gaps mothers fall through. I had many dark days in the early period of motherhood. I felt floored with exhaustion. I had lost the spark for life.  I see you in a way that I couldn’t see myself when in the thick of it.

As you may be feeling, too, I knew in my heart there had to be another way. I followed the work I now share with mothers and flicked my internal power switch ON. My inner flame ignited and my passion for life returned. This is how I was able to remember my true self and step into the New Way for motherhood. I have the energy to play with my daughter Bonnie Boo and find joy and purpose in my life.

I didn’t think it was possible when in the trenches of exhaustion.

It is this depth of understanding that I bring to support you.

I want to be really clear. I’m also living and breathing this. The reality is motherhood is hard. Which is why I have continued to refine my Energised Way to give you the foundational tools, a roadmap for focus and the inner key to unlock your own magic…which goes beyond science.

I’ve come to learn is your Motherhood experience is not really about your kids! (yes I said it) it’s about your own sense of self-worth and the relationship you have with yourself. Of course, you love your kids with every inch of your being, they are your WHY, the centre of your universe. But what I really want you to know, is that there is room for you too to claim your space in your own life.

I’m going to help you transform your thinking and how you feel about yourself and give you the tools needed for you to put yourself in the centre of your own life and show up for yourself no matter what. So you shift your experience and enjoyment of motherhood and how happy and fulfilled and alive YOU feel in YOUR own skin which ripples outwards and models to your children their own potential.

And, it doesn’t have to be boring and you don’t have to do it alone!

I am walking (sometimes dancing) the motherhood path alongside you. I bring the geeky science facts together with the inner mother rockstar spirit. I bring fun to the table of health and wellbeing.

And a huge amount of belief.

I see you.

I believe in YOU and:

I believe it all starts with empathy

I believe the journey should be fun and playful

I believe in being authentic – being true to ourselves and the image we project in the world

I believe in growth – we are eternal life students and always growing

Be inspirational

Introducing The Energised Mother Way.

Change is an inside out job – here are the pillars of transformation that underly the work I do with Mums to help you access your own inner resources needing for lasting self-worth and energy.

The Energised Mother Model …

I now say, there’s no one magic bullet to reclaiming your energy, thankfully there’s lots! The magic bullets for me, which have formed the pillars of my Energised Mother Model.

I’d love to show you a new way of doing things. I love for you to


The realisation that all of this is possible by making small, sustainable changes and that I didn’t have to completely overhaul my entire life and convert to being a vegan Buddhist.


Stronger and balanced in your mind and body and more comfortable in your own skin.


Grounded, in control and much more relaxed – the things that used to really bother you just don’t anymore.


Excited and able to see forward into the future with hope and joy.


Happier in yourself which makes you a more patient mum.


Self-aware of your thoughts and your needs which empowers decisiveness and healthier choices.


Confident and able to cope during the day to day situations that would usually leave you feeling stressed and overwhelmed.


Relaxed in the moment and more present with your family and yourself.


Worthy! Confident and believing in yourself. No more not feeling enough.


A deeper sense of connection to your partner.


Glowing! Others notice your sparkiness, bounce and the feeling of contentment back again.

Imagine how life would be if you could:


Be more present and engaged with your kids and enjoy being with them without feeling preoccupied.


Manage your mood and emotional state with your food choices, movement and breath.


Set boundaries like a mother and say no to what doesn’t align with your energy and yes to the things that energise you.


Improve your communication and in turn your relationship with your partner.


Wake up with energy and feel happier and calmer in your mood.


Be more connected to husband and kids rather than feeling like you need to escape.


Feel a deeper bond with your children.


Feel more controlled and calmer within the house and not get so overwhelmed by what you ‘should’ be doing.


March to the beat of your own drum.


Move through emotions with confidence that you can flip your state and shift your focus quickly without going down the rabbit hole of overthinking.


Understand and make peace with your past so you can turn your struggles into strengths so you feel like you are evolving in life not revolving.


Move forward in your life and be more efficient, without the usual anxiety and worry that can can keep you feeling stuck.


You can be the mum you want to be – more present and available for you and your children and partner and loved ones.


Carve out more time for you – minus the side helping of mother guilt.


Rediscover your fun, spontaneous self who is able to let go, laugh, jump in muddy puddles and not take life soooo seriously.


Reconnect with yourself, nourish yourself and make more room for the things you love.


Remember that you ARE enough, you are worthy, you are strong.


Create an intentional life that models health, happiness and empowerment to your children.



  • 6 modules broken down into mini-lessons 20-minute lessons spread over 10 weeks. There are 4 core modules that are the foundations to lasting change which we will walk through together. Then 2 bonus modules to help you take your energy to the next level which you can refer to at your leisure, with my guidance
  • Tutorials that you can either watch or listen to while on the go.
  • A holistic focus on your physical and emotional health and the link between the two.
  • Exercises and worksheets – to help you translate your learning into ACTION and build your own personal toolkit.
  • PDF downloadable cheat sheets – Have me in your pocket or on the fridge.
  • How to choose the right foods to energise you, reduce anxiety and overwhelm and clear brain fog
  • Practical, Mother-centred, and family-focused tools you can use for life
  • Step by step guide to reclaiming your energy so you can feel empowered, confident and more resourceful


Connection and peer support is a vital part of your healing, health, and wellness journey. This is an opportunity to be part of a mum tribe where your desired behaviour is normal behaviour! Share your story, take the mask off and be YOU! We are each other’s cheerleaders. You are not alone. This has been a truly magical aspect of this programme to date.


You’ll have access to LIVE coaching video chats on Zoom with the group each week with Me for 1 hour on a Thursday at 10am for 10 weeks. I will answer your questions, work through your unique challenges and personally guide you on your journey. You also get the added benefit of experiencing me share my clinical pearls with the group.

As well as 10 coaching calls with the group I have added 2 x transformational NLP 1 hr coaching calls with me to give you a quicker, deeper more personalised shift. PLUS, an extra follow-up – 1hr 1-2-1 session for you to book at 3 months (1 month after the programme has finished). That’s 3 1-2-1 personalised coaching calls in total!  


You’ll have access to a private Facebook group – this is access to me but also to your fellow Energised Mothers. You can use this for any questions, or anything that comes up in between coaching sessions, as well as recipe sharing, off–loading, encouragement, and support. We are stronger together – feel seen and heard in your motherhood journey.

The Energised Mother Programme


Module 1 – Where is your energy going? Get clear on YOUR hidden energy thieves so you can reignite your spark and shine bright without burning out!

In this module I meet you where you’re at! I will help you get beneath the surface and identify your biggest energy thieves and the impact they are having on your emotional and physical wellbeing. And guide you in creating your Energised Mother vision of where you desire to be. I will lead you through my Enerigised Mother Model – My 5 pillars to lasting energy and show you how to find resolution within your stress response so you can energise yourself,  flip the switch on your mindset from stressed to calm.

Module 2 – How well do you know yourself?  The foundations to lasting change happens at the identity level.

This IS the missing piece of your energy puzzle. I will walk you through my The Energised Mother identity blueprint which will enable you to view your lifes storybook through the lens of the hero’s journey.

I will share the 5 factors that shape who you are and the 4 pieces that make up your identity puzzle. This will give you a much deeper connection and compassionate understanding of yourself So you can feel accepting and at peace in your own skin, confident in your ability and self-worth and able to switch your focus to the gifts you bring to this world which increases your energy.

Module 3 –Mothering your Mindset – getting to the root of exhaustion so you can lighten your motherload.

Learn about the mechanics of your mind and how to harness it as one of your most powerful energising tools.

I will show you how to step off the mood rollercoaster and regulate your emotional state (and in turn be better equipped to regulate your children’s). Shift your perception from disempowering to empowering thoughts and update your limiting beliefs that make you question your worth and hold you stuck in your head. I will help you recharge your batteries for your strategies (values) so you can align your daily actions with what’s important to you and your energised mother vision.

This is a chunky but bloody life changing module that will help your transform how you think and feel so you can release self-judgement, free yourself from overthinking and adopt daily intentional actions that will give you back the gift of time and energy. For yourself and your family minus the exhausting effort and relentless juggle.

Module 4 –Prioritising your mission! – Feel like you again without the guilt.

I will share my Energise together system to help you prioritise your own needs within your family unit, alongside caring for your children so you can feel energised and fulfilled minus the constant guilt and resentment. In this module I share my Mother Missions model. This will help you create daily mini missions that help you show up for yourself and commit to your energy whilst modelling to your children their own potential to shine.

Module 5 –Balance within. How to use food to restore harmony within.

Balance is an inside job! Learn how to create balance within your body and mind using food as medicine so you can show up feeling calmer, more in flow and more balanced in your life.

I will share my  Energised Mother Balance blueprint to show you how to reduce inflammation overload so you can think clearly without the usual brain fog and overwhelm. Invest in your adrenal bank account so can jump out of bed in the morning and sustain your energy through to bedtime. And learn how to nurture your gut health so you can nourish your brain and feel lighter and more at peace in body and mind.

NB:  This is the magic bullet to responding to your children (and partners needs) without reacting and losing it!

Module 6 –Reboot your rhythm – and find your flow.

I will show you how to revolutionise your rest and restoration by creating a morning and evening ritual that will help you switch from wired to calm, feel more refreshed and balanced and be able to demand what you want to form your day not just what it demands from you.

Module 7 –Protecting your energy – Once you’ve got it here’s how to keep it!

Learn how to release unwanted emotions and put loving boundaries around your most precious resources so you can create more time and energy to invest in the things you love. In this module I will show you how to set and hold a boundary, so you channel your energy and time towards your value priorities. Express yourself and communicate your needs without getting into constant arguments. Reignite your love story and invest in your intimate relationships so you can create more love filled, quality time with your partner/loved ones.

Module 8 – Moving forward with ease so you ca BE your Energy – The Energised Mother Momentum model.

Bringing it all together – How to use this framework and these tools moving forward so you create momentum and lasting change and avoid the self-sabotage rollercoaster.

I will go over how to use these tools for life for you and your family so you can feel empowered and equipped to create balance within yourself. Role with your own motherhood rhythm including during the curveballs. Approach mothering your energy as you would your child, with compassion, understanding and commitment. And, continuously showing up for yourself no matter what and continue to build  a loving, trusting and respectful relationship with yourself.


Your investment.


3 instalments of £532


or save £100 and pay in full £1,497

Let’s hear from real life clients who have gone through the experience.


Meet Tracey …. 

“I feel much happier in myself and my relationship with my husband has improved”



I was feeling stuck with my life, not feeling happy a lot of the time, often overwhelmed and feeling like I can’t cope. I listened to one of your webinars and everything you said resonated with me. I felt relieved someone could understand and help me feel better. 

I suffered from burnout in January 2020 and developed anxiety suffered from panic attacks every time I was driving on the motorway. I had to quick the job I loved (due to travel reasons and not feeling able to cope with driving) and just felt like I needed to reset and look after myself as I felt broken. When I was looking at signing up to your program I was in part time work and not earning a lot, so it was a considered purchase to enrol. After reading lots of books and councilling sessions I felt like I needed to try a different approach to ‘fix’ myself.


Through this course I have dialed in to myself and managed to tap into the inner strength and courage, which was buried deep down, to help me overcome my fears. It was an emotional ride but I’m now feeling more empowered and able to face my fears using the tools I’ve learnt. My biggest changes are my diet and my breathing. I’m also saying no more and using the power of boundaries. I feel much happier in myself and my relationship with my husband has improved.

I went on a journey today and I did a great job even on the ‘scary bits’! It literally feels like #13 is there and holding my hand. Thinking about #13 when I’m in an ‘unsettled place’ puts a smile on my face and I feel instantly happier, lighter and able as a result.

(Haha I am using #13 as my sign off now! It’s my code word reminder of my 13yr old self)


Meet Joanna …

“From deep in grief and depleted” to “I have re-wired my brain and my outlook to life!”


I was deep in grief, and feeling so low, depleted, anxious, overwhelmed and just fed up. I was using food as an emotional comforter and had very low mood and energy.

I had suffered from really bad post natal anxiety with both kids, it got worse after my 2nd son and I felt there is not enough help or support for mothers who are struggling. You go to the doctor and are just handed out pills like they are sweets. I had tried them once before and they just did not work for me so I knew I needed natural methods with zero drugs. I had started to feel a bit better after my 2nd son but still not totally OK. My amazing mum died in February 2020 and I was just not prepared for what the grief could do. All my issues came flooding back and more, insomnia, severe anxiety to the point I couldn’t breathe properly, horrific panic attacks and just complete overwhelm dealing with crippling grief and 2 young kids, and lockdown.


I feel I have achieved so much. I have grown a lot in confidence, I am more open and able to talk about my feelings and experiences.

I have been able to overhaul my diet and learned how to nourish myself with food. I have learned coping techniques for the times when I am feeling its all too overwhelming! I have got to know my own self on a deep level, what my values and beliefs are and how to change the negative patterns I was stuck in. I have re-wired my brain and my outlook to life!

There were so many penny dropping moments for me, it’s so hard to just pick one. I loved the NLP session Annie and I did when I was able to go back to my 12 year old self, that was so so emotional but incredible healing, I had never experienced anything like it!


Meet Gem …

Prior to doing the programme I was angry, anxious, very low emotionally and just felt unable to cope most of the time, the overwhelm was enormous, as was the guilt.

My only reservation about doing the energised mother program was the cost, my husband told me to do it as soon as we talked about it!! You can not put a price on your and your families health and wellbeing.

I now recognise that it’s not only me who is/has been struggling. I am now aware of times in my life that have contributed to some ongoing (often unconscious) thoughts and feelings which are NOT true, that awareness instantly lifted something from me and ‘freed’ me from patterns that I had lived from for a long time!!

I am good enough, I am seen, I can do anything I decide to do. The person I thought I had lost is not lost, she is still with me.

Thank you Annie for equipping and empowering me to help me live the life I know I should be!! And for gently walking me through the painful parts that needed to be addressed for full healing.

You are going to be responsible for so many women fulfilling their potential and living energised, healed, sparkly and balanced


Meet Katie …

I have found Annie’s ‘Energised Mother’ programme transformational. The nutritional content has been so useful and is helping me feel so much more balanced in my body. However, the course has helped me to go so much deeper than just that. By using a time line technique, Annie was able to help me reframe uncomfortable feelings from my early childhood. Now that Annie has helped me to release these feelings, I realise that I have been overeating for years as a way of numbing this discomfort. While it’s still early days, I am really noticing that I no longer feel the need to put food in my mouth all the time. I can’t wait to see where I am in a few weeks time. Thanks Annie!


Meet Hannah …

I’ve struggled with feelings of overwhelm, anxiety and – at times – utter despair for so long. I knew I needed to get help but I didn’t know where to turn. Since finding the energised mother programme, I finally know where these feelings are coming from and That they are not my fault. I Have been empowered with a set of practical tools to help me on my journey to healing. I no longer feel like angry, mentally and physically exhausted and like I’m failing constantly. Instead I feel stronger, calmer and excited for the future with my family.


Meet Gail …

The programme has given me permission to be the person I AM – not the person I think others want me to be.  It has shown me that I can start to say, do, and enjoy all the things that are true & important to me, without fear of what reaction I get back.  I am starting to think I might find confidence, whilst aligning myself with my deeply held values – for the first time in nearly 38 years.

The programme has provided me with a lot of tools to help manage my anxiety and constant story – writing…it has actually enabled me to re write my own script.

I would urge any fellow Mummy who is struggling to reach out to Annie – let her work her magic on you, so you can unlock your own magic within yourself!  The world needs us girls to be ourselves and unlock our full potential, so we can get out there and get shit done!!!!

My advice would simply be to completely trust Annie – be open & honest with her, and give her all the info she needs, so she is equipped properly to help you as fully as she can

Got any questions?

Here are some questions fellow mothers have asked about The Energised Mother Programme:

I don’t have much free time, what is the time commitment?
There are 6 modules plus bringing it all together at the end. Each module has been broken down into shorter lessons and spread over 10 weeks so that you have time to listen, process, and implement your learnings. These will be recorded so you can watch them back or listen to them while your out and about at your leisure. You have life long access to these tutorials.

Does the programme fit my individual needs?
Yes. This programme is a customised experience focused on your individual and holistic needs. There are common patterns and gaps I see in my clinical practice that are at the root of how happy, healthy and energised you feel. This program has been created to help you change these patterns with tried and tested tools and practices I’ve gathered from over 15 years of coaching experience, including 7 years of clinical Nutritional Therapy practice where I have supported over hundreds of mothers. Quite simply, I meet you where you are.

How much is my investment?
Your investment for my Energised Mother Programme is £1,497 either as a single payment or I also offer an installment plan. Please let me know if you need a longer installment plan. 

What if I can’t take time for myself to do the work in the course?
Once you sign up you will have lifetime access to this programme via the members portal. The modules and lessons will be both in video and audio form so you can watch/listen to them on the go.  I want to emphasise that I meet you where you are at. The way that I have structured it makes it almost impossible to fall behind. You will find you are definilty not alone and I encourage you to reach out for support from me and other mothers in the Facebook group if you are struggling to find the time. Previous mothers who have fallen ill or had sick children or been hit by other unprecedented events during the course said how valuable it was to have the support during this time.  Simply the more snowed under and overwhelmed you feel the more you need the support! Other feedback has been – “There is no right or wrong time, only time and what you choose to do with it”. Also, feel free to bring your children to the sessions.

I’m afraid to peel back the layers to what is holding me back.
What I can promise you is that I believe in you more than you believe in yourself and I’m going to do everything I can to make you feel safe and supported as you go on this journey. I’m experienced and quite frankly, really f’ing good at holding space for Mothers as you work through ‘your stuff’– the parts of you and your life that are messy and untended, the parts filled with fear, resentment, sadness and rage.

Whether we’re talking about emotional pain, physical pain, or feeling completely lost in who you are, working with me is all about gaining momentum and moving forwards to a place of energy, self empowerment and vitality.

(By the way, this probably isn’t for you if you’re put off by any of the above or if you can’t tolerate swearing).

I find it hard to start something new.
This is often a lack of clarity, feeling lost and stuck, fear, and low energy. You’d be amazed by how making the decision to bet on yourself and give yourself permission to discover A New Way will propel you forward. Remember I am here to hold your hand and cheer for you – you were never meant to do this alone.

What if I miss content?
You have access to the pre-recorded lessons for life. I will guide you on what priority areas you will benefit focusing on. Together we will break it down into manage steps. If you cannot make the coaching calls you have the opportunity to submit questions, thoughts and your update which I will speak to in the closed facebook group. Some of the coaching calls may turn into mini workshops if there is an area you need more support and clarity on, with permission, these can be recorded. The closed facebook group is there for support, ongoing questions and sharing your journey.

I’m more of an introvert and don’t like groups.
Me too funnily enough.  “The support from the group has been invaluable”. This has been the general feedback from all the mothers who have gone through the programme to date. I would say that the connection and peer support you get from being part of a group where you’re all on a mission to change yourself and your health and the health of your children, feel seen and understood and validated, feel able to share your story, take the mask off and be YOU!  Is where true healing and transformation happens and has become a truly magical aspect of this programme to date. This will be an intimate group of mums who are all on this journey together.  We are each other’s cheerleaders. You are not alone

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