For Mothers who want to break free from the cycle of exhaustion and overwhelm and reclaim their sense of self from a place of energy, vitality and freedom.

Then its time to step into the New Way to do Motherhood


Group starts on Monday 26th October


“You have slingshot me forward to embark on a life I never thought possible.” – Fiona

I see you, maybe you:


  • Wake up and feel bone numbing exhausted and wonder how you’re going to get through another day.
  • Feel your anxiety is higher than ever with Covid-19
  • Go to bed thinking about all the things you haven’t done
  • Feel like you’re wading through treacle every single day
  • Feel depleted like you have lost your spark
  • Lack energy as if you’re running on empty.
  • Feel the weight of the mental load of motherhood
  • Feel overwhelmed, stuck and indecisive.
  • Overthink which takes a lot of your precious energy.
  • Feel anxious, drained, foggy-brained and overwhelmed.
  • Second guess yourself and your abilities as a mother, colleague and wife
  • Worry what others may think, which eats away at your confidence

  • Know you’re spreading yourself too thin but you find it a challenge to say no to demands on your time.
  • Worry your best isn’t enough. You’re a high achiever and try to do everything to your best ability, but regularly feel like you’re on the back foot and failing.
  • Invest your time and energy in fulfilling your responsibilities and everyone else’s needs, but there is something missing. You just want to feel like yourself again.
  • Are done with short-lived, quick fixes (hello caffeine and chocolate – energy borrowed from tomorrow) and are ready for a lasting solution.
  • Feel you have nothing left to give yourself and your children, hello shouty Mum and the all too familiar guilt.

What some of my Energised Mothers say ...

“I am not able to set goals and have broken down the limiting barriers I put in placd for myself over the years!”

“This helped me shift from depleted to energised.”

“I now have the confidence to support my body and in turn, my family.”

“you have sling shot me forward to embard on a life I never thought possible.”

“There is now a ripple effect occuring as the calm and more positive person I am now is impacting the lives of my family and friends around me.”

What is the course about?

I’ll share my unique Energised Mother Model with you – a Mother-centred approach to reclaiming your energy and stepping into your power, no longer will you feel like you’re drowning. This will be a roadmap to being more available for you and your whole family will benefit from this.

Mother from inside out The power to change lies within. I will show you A New Way to getting to the root of exhaustion and low mood. My approach embodies you as a whole. I will show you how to change your mindset and connect with the wisdom of your body so you can access your own resources and magic, so you feel healthier, more content and more energised.

  • Love the skin you’re in – I will help you revitalise your relationship with food so food feels more enjoyable, less restrictive, and more supportive of you feeling lighter and more energised.
  • Self-trust, belief and confidence – I’ll help you get clear on your missions, values and boundaries so you can create a more vibrant, intentional life.
  • Mother from a place of abundance – society bombards you with the message that your not enough. Never enough time, never enough energy. Newsflash you are enough always and there is always enough. I’ll show you how to connect with your own inner knowing and cultivate self-love which in itself brings an abundance of energy. And the good thing is, your children benefit not only from the love you give them, but from the love you give yourself.

How does it work?

This programme is for Mothers who like you feel you’ve lost yourself in the Motherhood transformation and feel weighed down and exhausted by the heavy Motherload. However, you know you can feel so much better, you just don’t know where or how to start.

I’m ready what do I get?

  • The intimate 5- week course for 10 Mothers. Programme kicks off on Monday 26th October. weekly video-led modules and live online coaching sessions. The modules are broken down into approx. 20-minute tutorials –  which will be released on a weekly basis.
  • There will be 1 x live group coaching session each week led by me your fellow Energised Mothers (6 in total) with me. Each week I’ll be offering 2 calls you can choose from Thursday evening at 8pm GMT or Friday morning at 10am GMT group call to talk through the Energised Mother tools and practises to make them work for you.
  • You’ll receive a free recipe E-Book full of delicious meal ideas as well as a 4-week rotation plan which works around busy mums with minimal preparation and cooking time.
  • You’ll have access to a private Facebook group – this is access to me but also to your fellow Energised Mothers. You can use this for any questions or anything that comes up in between the coaching calls. We are stronger together – feel seen and heard in your motherhood journey.
  • There will be magical PDF cheat sheets –Have me in your pocket or on the fridge
  • PLUS Bonus material – guest interviews with a Family Sleep Consultant and Breathwork Coach

What is included in the modules?



Where is your energy going? Identify your biggest energy thieves and the impact they are having on your wellbeing

In the Facebook group, you’ll be surrounded by other web designers, going through exactly the same challenges, or who are ahead of you and can share their tips and experiences. The group is intended to be a safe space, source of inspiration, challenge and accountability.



Getting to the root of exhaustion. Your perception of stress – getting clear on your values, priorities and missions.

You’ll be able to work through advanced tutorials at your own pace.



Back to balance Restore harmony within your body and mind – blood sugar balance and inflammation.



Aligning your behaviour with your true self, needs and goals so you can Move forward with ease after this programme.


Guest sessions with:

Jessie Laute

Breathwork & Wellbeing Coach | Mentor | Leader | Speaker

Jessie is a Transformational Breath® Facilitator & Group Leader, accredited by the Institute of Complementary and Natural Medicine (ICNM). Public Speaker & Workshop Leader


Jessie is a highly intuitive Breathwork & Wellbeing Coach with a passion for working with people through methods of coaching and breathwork to help them live a truly authentic life and reach their full potential.

You can find more out about Jesse HERE.


Nadia Edwards

Holistic Sleep Consulting

Nadia is a Certified Sleep Sense™ Consultant and Accredited Holistic Sleep Coach.
Nadia helps parents support better sleep with her integrated sleep packages so that everyone can enjoy sleeptimes, parents can manage frequent nightwalking’s, feel confident with their decisions and have a flexible and workable daytime routine.

Nadia’s goal is to help you enjoy parenting and have a happy and well rested child.

You can find out more about Nadia HERE.



With 15 years’ coaching experience and 5 years’ of running a successful Nutritional Therapy practice, I have supported hundreds of clients get to the root of their burnout so they could feel like they’re bursting with life again.

I have worked with numerous business and health coaches to further my knowledge and experience. Most recently I qualified as an NLP Practitioner which really adds the sparkle to my mind-body model, so I can access your magic and help you shine.


How would it feel if:

  • You finally felt like you again with the sparkiness, bounce and feeling of contentment back again
  • You could move forward in your life and be more efficient, without the usual anxiety and worry that can can keep you feeling stuck
  • You can be the mum you want to be – more present and available for you and your children and partner and loved ones
  • You could set boundaries like a Mother – that protects both your energy and time so you feel less frazzle and more dazzle
  • You could create an intentional life and mother from a place of abundance
  • You could carve out more time for you – minus the side helping of mother guilt. When you prioritize your own needs, you teach your kids to prioritise theirs, too. Everyone benefits
  • You felt strong, vibrant, healthy and on top of everything. felt comfortable in your own skin
  • Reclaim your energy so feel alive, vibrant and present for your family
  • Rediscover your fun, spontaneous self who is able to let go, laugh, jump in muddy puddles and not take life soooo seriously
  • Reconnect with yourself, nourish your identity and make more room for the things you love
  • Rediscover your partner and your own intimacy
  • Remember that you ARE enough, you are worthy, you are strong
  • Create an intentional life that models health, happiness and empowerment to your children


I bring the geeky science facts together with the inner mama rockstar spirit. I bring fun to the table of health and wellbeing.

I am walking (sometimes dancing) the motherhood path alongside you and I bring A New Way (and leopard print) – tried and tested by myself to recover from postnatal depression, anxiety and exhaustion.

This is how I was able to remember my true self and step into the New Way for motherhood. I had the energy to play with my daughter Bonnie Boo and find joy and purpose in my life.

I didn’t think it was possible when in the trenches of exhaustion.

It is this depth of understanding that I bring to support you.

And a huge amount of belief.

I see you.

I believe in YOU.

→ I’ll be your mentor and number one cheerleader!

→ I am here to take the journey with you.

→ I will be on hand to guide you, support you and cheer for you.

Energy = Freedom

Mother Love for Annie

 “I am sure there are many people in this line of work who go through ‘the motions’ with their clients, Annie is most definitely not like this. Her work matters and as a client, I felt that I mattered.” “You are so understanding and supportive, you believe that I really am experiencing all of this, and you allow me the space to honestly & openly speak my truths”


Got any questions?

Here are some questions fellow mothers have asked about The Energised Mother Programme


  • I don’t have much free time, what is the time commitment? –  There are 4 modules plus bringing it all together at the end. Each module has been broken down into 4 x 20-minute lessons. These will be recorded so you can watch them back or listen to them while your out and about at your leisure
  • Does the programme fit my individual needs? As a Nutritional Therapist, I work both individually and holistically, however, there are common patterns and gaps I see in my clinical practice. This program has been created to help you change these patterns with tried and tested tools and practises I’ve gathered from over 15 years coaching experience, including 5 years clinical Nutritional Therapy practice where I have supported over 100 mothers.
  • How much is my investment? – This is the first launch which means it’s a once in a lifetime introductory offer as the next time I launch it, it will be £450. As an introductory offer, I am launching it at £225, with the option of 2 instalments. 
  • Not being able to take time for herself to do the work in the course – Once you sign up you will have lifetime access to this programme via the members portal. The modules and lessons will be both in video and audio form so you can watch/listen to them on the go. If you fall behind do what you can and reach out for support from me and other mothers in the Facebook group. 
  • I’m afraid to peel back the layers to what is holding me back. This is very common and I’m here to provide a safe space. The tools and approach I use will help you see beyond the fear so you can move beyond your roadblocks. This is where the magic happens.
  • I find it hard to start something new. This is often a lack of clarity, feeling lost and stuck, fear and low energy. You’d be amazed how just starting and giving yourself permission to discover A New Way will propel you forward. Remember I am here to hold your hand and cheer for you – you were never meant to do this alone.
  • What if I miss content? I will make sure you have the opportunity to catch up. I have added an extra integration week to the end for this.
  • I’m more of an introvert and don’t like groups. Me too funnily enough. This will be an intimate group of no more than 10 mums who are all on this journey together. It’s amazing the power of community when we come together.


How much is the “powerhouse” of a programme?

Your investment for the FIRST launch of the Energised Mother is £225.

After this, for the next launch the investment will be £450.

Contact me

m: 07402944632


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