The Energised Mother Gut-Brain Reset

Starts on Tuesday 20th April 2021

The Energised Mother Gut-Brain Reset is your 7-step tried and tested roadmap to a more balanced body and calmer mind. Tools for life for you and your family.

Are you ready to free up your HEADSPACE so you can feel like you again? Move forward in life with ease? And be the mum you deserve to be?


You are seeking A New Way to free yourself from your relentless anxiety and overwhelm with lasting results

You regularly feel out of control and like you can’t cope

You feel like you are going crazy and just want some tangible answers to why you’re feeling this way

You would like accessible and easy to digest knowledge that empowers, not overwhelms, and cuts through the Dr. Google noise

You lean on food as a short–lived reward and quick fix. “Hello caffeine, chocolate, and alcohol!” Which ends up making you feel even more rubbish.

You worry your best isn’t enough. You’re a high achiever and try to do everything to your best ability, but regularly feel like you’re on the back foot and failing.

You feel you have nothing left to give yourself and your children. Hello shouty Mum and the all too familiar guilt.

You would love to heal your gut so you can banish the brain fog and focus your mind on the things you love.

You want your life to be calmer so you can engage in more quality, relaxed time with your family.

You want a personal toolkit that is for life that you can dip in and out of when needed.

You want to learn practical, timeless tools to help you feel stronger and resilient in both your mind and body and in turn support your family to do the same.

You want to enjoy your kids as their childhood unfolds before you.

You want to break the cycle of living each day exhausted and unhappy and find A New Way to reignite the joy within you, motherhood and life.

Only £297 or 2 monthly instalments of £155


What’s included?

The Modules

Why work with me?


What’s included?


  • 7-weeks of LIVE video-tutorials. The 7 modules are broken down into approx. – 30-45 minute tutorials. There will be one live every Tuesday at 12pm, with the remaining modules pre-recorded so you can access them at your leisure. If you can’t join live that is no problem at all. All tutorials will be uploaded to the members portal for you.
  • A holistic focus on your physical and emotional health and the link between the two
  • Exercises and worksheets – to help you translate your learning into ACTION and build your own personal toolkit
  • PDF downloadable cheat sheets–Have me in your pocket or on the fridge
  • How to choose the right foods to reduce anxiety and overwhelm and clear brain fog
  • Practical, Mother centred and family focused tools you can use for life
  • Step by step exercises – To support you on your journey and help tailor a roadmap, personalised to your vision and health goals
  • Private Facebook support group – For any questions and feedback relating to the course
  • Bonus material – A recipe eBook and meal plan example, a gut loving foods list, a guide on creating your ‘Health Vision’, a short health questionnaire to help monitor your progress, food diary template, creating an anti-inflammatory plate hand-out and how to identify what could be causing your inflammation exercise.


  • Tutorials led by myself – ongoing support within a closed Facebook community.
  • 1 x live group Q & A session each week for 7 weeks – ask me directly any questions that come up form the training tutorials and I will answer you verbally in the session. You can also ask anything into the closed group as it comes up
  • Community– You’ll have access to a private Facebook group – this is access to me but also to your fellow Mother community. You can use this for any questions, recipe sharing and support. We are stronger together – feel seen and heard in your motherhood journey.
  •  Connection and peer support – a vital part of your healing, health and wellness journey. This is an opportunity to be part of a mum tribe where your desired behaviour is the normal behaviour! Share your story, take the mask off and be YOU! We are each other’s cheerleaders. You are not alone.


  • 4 free recipe E-Books full of gut loving brain nourishing meal ideas. 1 x Breakfast, 1 x Lunch, 1 x Dinner and 1 x Snacks and treats (over 60 recipes in total!)
  • Worksheets include –a gut loving foods list, a guide on creating your ‘Health Vision’, a short health questionnaire to help monitor your progress, food diary template, creating an anti-inflammatory plate hand-out and how to identify what could be causing your inflammation exercise
  • A list of my favourite reading and family focused, gut healing recipe book suggestions


    The Modules

    Module 1 – Connecting Back to You and Getting Clear  How to clear the fog and overwhelm. I help you get clear on where you’re at now and create a vision of where you want to be.

    Module 2 – Why Gut Health Matters? When we know the why, the how becomes much clearer! I share empowering and fascinating information based on current research which will support your health journey

    Module 3 – Lightening the Load How to lighten your ‘Motherload’ and reduce stress from the body (and mind).

    Module 4 – Bringing in an Abundance of Nourishment  How to optimise your diet and achieve your goals. The biggest impact in dietary changes comes from what we ADD in not just what we take away. I show you how to construct an anti-inflammatory meal plate.

    Module 5 – Feeding Those GOOD Gut Bugs The science of our gut microbiome made easy. I take you on a journey, introducing you to a few of the most health promoting strains/families of bacteria that require a little TLC so they can carry out their important health-supporting roles. I show you what foods to feed them – we are what our gut bacteria eat! (Your kids will love this one)

    Module 6 – Restoring Resilience How to support the integrity of your gut barrier (wall) and feel well and prevent illness.

    Module 7 –How to mother your mindset. How to sustain healthy self and family care patterns and avoid self-sabotage

    Why work with me?

    With 15 years’ coaching experience and 5 years’ of running a successful Nutritional Therapy practice, I have supported hundreds of clients get to the root of their burnout so they could feel like they’re bursting with life again.

    I have worked with numerous business and health coaches to further my knowledge and experience. Most recently I qualified as an NLP Practitioner which really adds the sparkle to my mind-body model, so I can access your magic and help you shine.

    I bring the geeky science facts together with the inner mama rockstar spirit. I bring fun to the table of health and wellbeing.

    I am walking (sometimes dancing) the motherhood path alongside you and I bring A New Way (and leopard print) – tried and tested by myself to recover from postnatal depression, anxiety and exhaustion.

    This is how I was able to remember my true self and step into the New Way for motherhood. I had the energy to play with my daughter Bonnie Boo and find joy and purpose in my life.

    I didn’t think it was possible when in the trenches of exhaustion.

    It is this depth of understanding that I bring to support you.

    And a huge amount of belief.

    I see you.

    I believe in YOU.



    Can I do this course if I am trying to conceive, pregnant or breastfeeding? Yes, this course is diet and lifestyle focused. A healthy functioning gut can support your health at every point of your motherhood journey. Before making any changes to your diet it is advised you seek the advice from your medical professional.

    Is this course suitable for vegan and vegetarians? Yes, however This is not a ‘plant based’ course and although plant based foods are essential in good gut health and immune function, I also advocate animal sources for gut health re-balancing. The recommendations in the course, including the meal plan example and recipe ideas include both plant based and animal nutrition sources.

    Does the course include supplement recommendations? No, the course includes food and lifestyle recommendations which are considered to be the foundations to good gut health. Supplement recommendations are made following a full case history and based on individual needs. If this is something you feel you would benefit from there is the option to book a single 1-2-1 consultation with me to explore your individual health picture, get a tailored personalised plan to your needs which may include supplement and testing options.

    I have been diagnosed with a health condition and am taking medication, is this course ok for me? Yes, dietary and lifestyle changes that support gut health can help improve chronic health symptoms however it is advised you take the advice before taking any dietary changes from you health professional/GP specifically regarding any contraindications with medication.

    I want to lose a bit of weight, would this programme help me? This is not a weight loss programme but the function of our gut and balance of our gut microbiome has be researched to play a role in our metabolism and weight. Supporting your gut health can help shed you a few pounds and decrease water retention.

    I have many allergies and intolerances, can I still join the programme? Yes, the menus and recipes are quite flexible however are not prescriptive. Those who suffer with multiple food intolerances and sensitivities can most definitely benefit from supporting their gut and immune health.

    Are adverse side effects normal? In some cases, people can experience symptoms from changing their diet for example eliminating a certain food or drink and adding in certain foods such as fermented foods and fibre. These symptoms can be part of the ‘re-balancing’ process and should not be long lasting.

    Is the course content and recommendations suitable for my family? Yes, absolutely. I am a mum myself and have created the course to support the health of the whole family. The material is colourful and visual so that it can be shared with your little/big ones.

    How important is exercise? It is important to get your body moving. A gym membership is not essential. Short intervals of regular exercise is advised, suggestions in the course include; walking in nature, home based workouts, yoga, Pilates, resistance exercises.

    What are my avenues of support during this programme? This course is video led by Annie Breen a registered nutritional therapist. General information will be delivered to you via these video modules and guided exercises. There is a closed Facebook group (Healthy Tum, Happy Mum) for any questions relating to the content of the course and for feedback. Any further questions and queries can be emailed to

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