Rediscovering you in the overwhelm
of motherhood.

The Energised Mother
Breakthrough Day.

Rediscovering you in the overwhelm of motherhood

The Energised Mother Breakthrough Day.
A live in-person event taking place in Edinburgh on Saturday 8th January 2022

Do you feel like you’ve got to wear a mask that says “I’ve got everything together”, when deep down you feel as if you’ve lost yourself?

I remember that feeling. You know the one when something isn’t right within yourself and you desperately want to be enjoying your life and motherhood but you have lost all your energy, all your joy, all your sparkle and now you’re not sure if you’re even ‘you’ anymore.


Incredibly healing, I had never experienced anything like it!

– Joanne

Tell me, do these thoughts ever whirl around your mind?


Am I broken?


Why can’t I lose weight?


Why does no one understand me or acknowledge me?


Have I damaged my children?


Why am I still doing the same job that no longer fulfills me?


Why can’t I get myself motivated for life?

Do you miss the you that had life, energy, the desire to meet friends, the one that knew how to smile?

You know there’s a you in there who’s empowered, confident, energised and feels alive.  It’s you who is ready to reclaim her space …

She’s the one that’s sick and tired of feeling like life is dealing her the same problems, again and again, that cause her really tough and emotional situations.  She knows deep down, it doesn’t need to be like this but doesn’t know where to start …

Then Breakthrough Day is the answer you’ve been tirelessly searching for:

The Energised Mother Breakthrough Day

This day is not going to feed you the usual cliches “New year new you” or telling you to “be brave”, “you’ve got this”, “holding it together”, or hit you with the usual platitudes about being stronger than you think” because how can you convince yourself, or change, when you hardly even recognise yourself anymore?

Instead, what this breakthrough day will give you is clear and positive insights into what is happening inside your mind and body when you feel exhausted, overwhelmed and unable to make the changes you want.

I will share the secret ingredients that form the foundations to my transformational energised mother programme, so you can take back control of your life and carve a more energised, intentional path forward that fulfils you as a person and a mother.

A breakthrough is when you discover what has been getting in the way, and use the learnings to go beyond yourself, creating a “new normal”. You’ll graduate past your perceived limits to create and experience yourself, and motherhood, in a way you never imagined possible – whilst feeling confident, energised and ALIVE!

Quite simply, I’ll help you remember who you are and show you how to reclaim your spark and your energy so that you can transform the relationship you have with yourself and in turn, your experience of motherhood.

We’ll even go a step further: I’ll help you to build your self-belief, worth and trust in yourself so you have the courage, confidence and resources you need to begin to create a life you love.  And when you transform at this level, you’ll start to see some immediate changes in your day-to-day life and the bonus being – your children get to watch self-worth in action!

And that’s a pretty awesome legacy to live now, right?

This breakthrough day is for you if you:


Wake up exhausted, wondering how you’re going get through another day.


Are stuck in a cycle of overwhelm and constant anxiety.


Feel lost and fearful you’ll never find your way back to you and feel so disconnected from yourself and your health.


Feel totally out of control and unable to cope with what feels like a never-ending to-do list.


Have constant guilt about being a rubbish mum.


Worry you are broken and can’t be fixed.


Feel both smothered and invisible.


Crave space to process your thoughts and make plans but instead misuse the time you do have with activities that make you feel worse such as mindless, doom scrolling, excessive drinking, eating ‘crap’ and non-stop tv binging, in a bid to numb your emotions and find some kind of peace.


Feel like one of the old cartoon characters that eats dynamite, blows up but then keeps on going. You just keep pushing through.


Invest your time and energy in fulfilling everyone else’s needs but your own.


Know there’s something missing about how you’re showing up as a mum, but you can’t put your finger on it.


Want to feel like yourself again.

This is the breakthrough I needed 4/5 years ago… Hello, I’m Annie

Even as a therapist, I was not immune to postnatal depression, anxiety, burnout and the common gaps mothers fall through. I had many dark times in the early days of motherhood. I felt floored with exhaustion. I had lost the spark for life.  If this is you, I see you in a way that I couldn’t see myself when I was in the thick of it.

I know that you know in your heart there has to be another way.

In 2018 I developed and followed a New Way that I now share with mothers and flicked my internal power switch ON. My inner flame ignited and my passion for life returned. This is how I was able to remember my true self and step into the New Way for motherhood. I have the energy to play with my daughter Bonnie Boo and find joy and purpose in my life.
Something I didn’t think was ever possible when in the trenches of exhaustion.

My mission is to leave a legacy for Bonnie and to live that legacy, here and now, by sharing A New Way for motherhood. This New Way shows you how you can thrive as a mother and as the person you came here to be.

The work it took me to get to this place was not easy. It took a lot of time, research and piecing together of the puzzle. Yet, I still believe my journey happened for me, not to me and it is this depth of understanding that I bring to support you in my Energised Mother Way.
I now believe you CAN mother from a place of abundance and vitality, and I can show you how.

As a cheerleader for mums, I help exhausted mothers who are done with quick-fix solutions that don’t work, to mother themselves from the inside out so they can restore their vitality and feel good in their own skin.

With 6 years’ experience of running a successful Nutritional Therapy practice, 10 years in family support roles, and as an NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming) Master Practitioner, I support mothers in a holistic whole-body approach, focusing on mind, body, and soul.

My approach is 1-part geeky science, with 2-parts inner mama rockstar spirit and a dash of sparkle (and leopard print).
During this breakthrough day, I will share some of the juicy parts of my unique Energised Mother Model with you – a Mother-centred approach to reclaiming your energy and stepping into your power – so you’ll no longer feel like you’re drowning.

This model has been created to act as a roadmap to empower you to feeling more alive, present, and available for your children. I will also give you tools for life that will give you lasting results for you and your family.


I have my life back and I now look forward to each day and to the possibilities that it may bring and I am genuinely excited for the future
– Fiona 

I’d love to show you a new way of doing things. I love for you to



Happier, calmer and clear and able to focus on what you want, not what you don’t want. 


Relaxed in the moment and more present with your family and yourself.


Worthy! Confident and believing in yourself. No more of not feeling enough.


Connected to yourself and the bigger picture of your own story and your growth journey – feeling equipped to role with the punches and find your own rhythm and balance within motherhood.


Stronger, confident and free from the fear that held you hostage in your head 


A deeper sense of connection and understanding to the people in your life 


Glowing! And for others to notice your sparkiness, bounce and zest for life.

Imagine how life would be if you could:


Move through emotions with confidence that you can flip your state and shift your focus quickly without going down the rabbit hole of overthinking.


Understand and make peace with your past so you can turn your struggles into strengths so you feel like you are evolving in life not revolving.


Move forward in your life and be more efficient, without the usual anxiety and worry that can can keep you feeling stuck.


Be the mum you want to be – more present and available for you, your children, your partner and loved ones.


Set boundaries that protect both your energy and time so you feel less frazzle and more dazzle.


Carve out more time for you – minus the side helping of mother guilt. 


Rediscover your fun, spontaneous self who is able to let go, laugh, jump in muddy puddles and not take life soooo seriously.


Create an intentional life that models’ health, happiness and empowerment to your children.

Imagine beginning 2022 feeling uplifted and excited for what the Year brings – minus the usual overwhelm and anxiety?

Breakthrough Day content

Through a powerful combination of NLP, Coaching techniques, practical exercises, inspiring teaching and guidance, I’m going to help you transform how you think and feel so you can release self-judgement, free yourself from overthinking and adopt daily intentional actions that will give you back the gift of time and energy. For yourself and your family minus the exhausting effort and relentless juggle.


My 3 foundations to rediscovering you in the overwhelm of motherhood are:


Reconnecting with YOU – Release overwhelm and create your new energised normal.

If you feel out of alignment with what’s buried deep in your heart and you feel like you’re stuck in a relentless pattern of self-sabotage behaviours – spreading yourself too thinly, over committing, struggling to say no to demands on your time – I can promise you this is coming from a disconnection and lack of awareness of your values.

Simply, your values are your ‘batteries for your strategies’ and guide the way you behave. If you want to release overwhelm and move forward in life with ease, this is a vital piece of your health and identity puzzle you just can’t bypass. And I have a fricking awesome little technique to help you reconnect with what’s important to you.

By the end of this session you will understand why you feel lost and overwhelmed and will be clear on your top core values so you can channel your focus, energy and time towards the things in life that energise you and not drain you. More Dazzle less frazzle!

Prioritise your mission – say goodbye to all the ‘should’s’ in your life and hello to what you ‘want’ -minus the mother guilt!

I will take you through my ‘Mother Missions Model’. A powerful transformational model that will help you get clear on what you want in life, opposed to what you don’t want so you can prioritise your own needs, create daily mini missions that help you show up for yourself and commit to your energy alongside caring for your – minus the exhausting mother juggle. 

You will go home with a maximum of 5 ACTIONS to focus on each day that align with your values and move you towards your desired vision of how you would love to feel– this model will help you say good bye to all the ‘should’s’ in your life and hello to your ‘wants’ minus the mother guilt!

This is who I am – create a fantastic relationship with yourself built on self-belief, worth and trust.

I will walk you through my The Energised Mother identity blueprint which will give you a completely different, more empowering perspective on how you see yourself.

This will give you a much deeper connection and compassionate understanding of yourself So you can feel accepting and at peace in your own skin, confident in your ability and self-worth and able to switch your focus to the gifts you bring to this world which increases your energy.

By the end of Breakthrough Day you will remember who you are and feel equipped to reclaim your energy and your spark, so you can transform the relationship with yourself and in turn, the relationship you have with your children and loved ones.

Bonus: you will get an Energised Mother workbook which we’ll work through together and get to take home as your own personal manual – they say children don’t come with a manual but who says you can’t have your own energised mother toolkit!

Big BONUS – Mothers supporting Mothers.

Connection and peer support is a vital part of your healing, health, and wellness journey. This in person event gives you the opportunity to be part of a group of Mums who get it! Share your story, take the mask off and be YOU! We are each other’s cheerleaders. You are not alone. This is a truly magical aspect of the breakthrough Day.

Not everyone is ready for the power of Breakthrough, but if you’ve read this far, you know you are.

What mums are saying.


I am good enough, I am seen, I can do anything I decide to do. The person I thought I had lost is not lost, she is still with me.

– Gem


I realised that this isn’t about my kids and whether or not they are having a bad day, it’s about my sense of self and how I respond to the daily challenges and curve balls family life inevitably brings



I can’t thank Annie enough for guiding me through this transformation. Honestly, if I could describe myself in one now it would be ’thriving’.

– Sarah


I feel more grounded, in control, much more relaxed, things that used to really bother me just don’t anymore. I am able to see forward into the future now with hope and joy.

– Joanne


You have sling shot me forward to embark on a life I never thought possible and I will always be wholeheartedly grateful for that. There is now a ripple effect occurring as the calm and more positive person I am now is impacting the lives of my family and friends around me.

– Fiona

More information about this event.

The Energised Mother Breakthrough Day will take place on Saturday 8th January 10am-3:30pm. 

The Place Hotel
34-36 York Place,

Registration: 09:45am

Morning Session: 10:00am – 12:30pm.

Lunch: 12:30pm – 1:15pm. Please bring your own lunch.

Afternoon Session: 1:15pm – 3:00pm

Close: 3:00pm – 3:30pm

Refreshments will be provided throughout the day. We will split up the morning and afternoon sessions with short comfort breaks.

I will be providing worksheets on the day, however a notebook for additional thoughts/breakthroughs/light bulb moments/reflections is encouraged.



NB: The Energised Mother Breakthrough Day is limited to 20 spaces, and it will fill up quickly, so take a leap of faith and invest in yourself by signing up today.

I invite you to ask yourself, what is the cost of not investing in yourself? Will you be sitting this time next year wishing you’d taken the opportunity? And, imagine flowing into the festive period with ease, confidence and ENERGY? That’s a gift that will keep giving.

Bonus – there will be an event specific private fakebook group for all attendees to connect with myself and each other……

Got any questions?

Got any questions? Just drop me a message below.

“Stop trying to be a better parent, focus on being a better human and let them watch you”

– Glennon Doyle

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