What if this could be the greatest adventure of your life …

The 4 month Energised Mother
1-2-1 coaching experience

Are you ready for a new way to move from feeling resentful and exhausted to energised and feeling alive in your own skin so you can enjoy your life and being a mum in a way you didn’t feel possible – without the overwhelm!?




If you’re fed up of feeling like you’re wading through treacle, and fantasise about having the kick ass energy of wonder woman so you can live your life not merely survive.

And you know deep down – that there’s another version of you – the empowered, confident alive one who claims her space, then I can help! 

Quite simply, I’ll help you remember who you are and show you how to reclaim your energy so that you can transform the relationship you have with yourself and in turn, your experience of motherhood.

Let’s go a step further: I’ll help you gain the self-belief, worth and trust in yourself so you have the courage, confidence and resources needed create a life you love and in doing so, change the narrative for the next generation! And that is a legacy to live now right!?


You have sling shot me forward to embark on a life I never thought possible.


The Energised mother
1-2-1 coaching experience is for you if you:


Feel like you’re just not in a good place. You are tired, angry and sad which makes you feel resentful of your kids and your life.


Start the day feeling overwhelmed – I have too much to do, how am I going to get through the day?


Experience cycles of rage and extreme frustration which feel like an inner cry for help – I just want to be seen, validated and appreciated. Motherhood is hard.


Feel like you’re wading through treacle daily.


Feel you are living a legacy of with unresolved postnatal depletion, anxiety and or depression.


Are done with short-lived, quick fixes (hello caffeine and chocolate – energy borrowed from tomorrow) and are ready for a lasting solution.


Feel smothered on the outside, invisible on the inside.


Feel overwhelmed, foggy-brained, stuck, and indecisive, and would love to move forward in your life and be more efficient, without the usual anxiety and worry that keeps you feeling trapped.


It took me a long time of being aware of Annie before I actually made contact with her, as I didn’t even have the energy to type the email to ask for her help!

Are you also feeling that you:


Are riding a mood and hormone roller-coaster and suffer with a scary low mood and dark thoughts for up to 2 weeks of the month!


Feel you are running on the spot with work to stay where you need to be but desire a more aligned fulfilling path.


Invest your time and energy in fulfilling your responsibilities and everyone else’s needs, but there is something missing. You just want to feel like yourself again.


You’re gripping on tightly to feel on top of everything which makes but on the inside you feel out of control You are terrified of the wheels falling off.


Second guess yourself and your abilities as a mother, colleague and wife.


Feel you have nothing left to give yourself and your children, hello shouty Mum and the all too familiar guilt.


I feel stifled like a houseplant in the dark – need sunlight.

But this isn’t all about drinking green smoothies and taking B-vitamins!

Don’t get me wrong these are life enhancing behaviours that have their place.

After 16 years of coaching people towards positive change, there is no doubt that what you put in your body (and mind) can either heal and energise or harm and drain you. However, what I also know to be true is change is an inside out job. You can drink green smoothies and take a premium multi until the cows come home but to feel worthy, like you belong and truly believe you’re enough you have to graduate beyond diet and supplements, and transform at the core, at the identity level. Otherwise reclaiming your energy will feel like you’re pumping up a tyre with a hole in it.

Working with me is about looking at the stuff that can’t be solved by taking more magnesium.

I’m talking about – The invisible motherload:


Overpowering overthinking and going down emotional rabbit holes which takes a lot of your precious energy.


Blurred or non-existent boundaries which causes conflict and strain in your relationships leaving you feeling unseen, unheard, put upon and peed off!


Feeling constantly judged and scared to speak your truth for fear about what others may think, which eats away at your confidence and stops you from being yourself and asking for what you need.


Habitual people pleasing which has you spreading yourself too thin but resentful because you find it a challenge to say no to demands on your time.


The inner voice that constantly chatters away – your best isn’t enough. You’re a high achiever and try to do everything to your best ability, but regularly feel like you’re on the back foot and failing.


An unnerving feeling in your nervous system of not feeling at home or safe in your own skin – like you don’t belong which makes it almost impossible to switch off and relax.


Feelings of guilt about being a rubbish mum.


Lack of self-worth and belief that you can change which makes you feel like you are wrong or broken.


Sabotaging eating, behaviours and thought patterns that keep you looping in survival and exhaustion mode.


Feel you are living the legacy of unresolved trauma and generational family patterns which you’re terrified of passing on to your kids.


Feeling like you are not good enough and are an imposter in your own life.

Why I’m the coach for you.

As a Therapist, I was not immune to postnatal depression, anxiety and burnout and the common gaps mothers fall through. I had many dark days in the early period of motherhood. I felt floored with exhaustion. I had lost the spark for life.  I see you in a way that I couldn’t see myself when in the thick of it.

As you may be feeling, too, I knew in my heart there had to be another way. I followed the work I now share with mothers and flicked my internal power switch ON. My inner flame ignited and my passion for life returned. This is how I was able to remember my true self and step into the New Way for motherhood. I have the energy to play with my daughter Bonnie Boo and find joy and purpose in my life.

I didn’t think it was possible when in the trenches of exhaustion.

It is this depth of understanding that I bring to support you.

I want to be really clear. I’m also living and breathing this. The reality is motherhood is hard. Which is why I have continued to refine my Energised Way to give you the foundational tools, a roadmap for focus and the inner key to unlock your own magic…which goes beyond science.

I’ve come to learn is your Motherhood experience is not really about your kids! (yes I said it) it’s about your own sense of self-worth and the relationship you have with yourself. Of course, you love your kids with every inch of your being, they are your WHY, the centre of your universe. But what I really want you to know, is that there is room for you too to claim your space in your own life.

I’m going to help you transform your thinking and how you feel about yourself and give you the tools needed for you to put yourself in the centre of your own life and show up for yourself no matter what. So you shift your experience and enjoyment of motherhood and how happy and fulfilled and alive YOU feel in YOUR own skin which ripples outwards and models to your children their own potential.

And, it doesn’t have to be boring and you don’t have to do it alone!

I am walking (sometimes dancing) the motherhood path alongside you. I bring the geeky science facts together with the inner mother rockstar spirit. I bring fun to the table of health and wellbeing.

And a huge amount of belief.

I see you.

I believe in YOU and:

I believe it all starts with empathy

I believe the journey should be fun and playful

I believe in being authentic – being true to ourselves and the image we project in the world

I believe in growth – we are eternal life students and always growing

Be inspirational

Introducing The Energised Mother Way.

Change is an inside out job – here are the pillars of transformation that underly the work I do with Mums to help you access your own inner resources needing for lasting self-worth and energy.

The Energised Mother Model …

I now say, there’s no one magic bullet to reclaiming your energy, thankfully there’s lots! The magic bullets for me, which have formed the pillars of my Energised Mother Model.

I’d love to show you a new way of doing things. I love for you to


The realisation that all of this is possible by making small, sustainable changes and that I didn’t have to completely overhaul my entire life and convert to being a vegan Buddhist.


Happier than you have ever been in a long time.


Relaxed in the moment and more present with your family and yourself.


Strong, vibrant, healthy and on top of everything. felt comfortable in your own skin.


Worthy! Confident and believing in yourself. No more not feeling enough.


Connected to yourself and the bigger picture of your own story and your growth journey – feeling equipped to role with the punches and find your own rhythm and balance within motherhood.


Stronger, confident and more resilient in your body and your mind.


A deeper sense of connection to your partner so you can reignite your love story and the meaning in your relationship.


Glowing! Others notice your sparkiness, bounce and the feeling of contentment back again.

Imagine how life would be if you could:


Move through emotions with confidence that you can flip your state and shift your focus quickly without going down the rabbit hole of overthinking.


Understand and make peace with your past so you can turn your struggles into strengths so you feel like you are evolving in life not revolving.


Move forward in your life and be more efficient, without the usual anxiety and worry that can can keep you feeling stuck.


You can be the mum you want to be – more present and available for you and your children and partner and loved ones.


Set boundaries like a Mother – that protects both your energy and time so you feel less frazzle and more dazzle.


Carve out more time for you – minus the side helping of mother guilt.


Rediscover your fun, spontaneous self who is able to let go, laugh, jump in muddy puddles and not take life soooo seriously.


Reconnect with yourself, nourish your identity and make more room for the things you love.


Remember that you ARE enough, you are worthy, you are strong.


Create an intentional life that models health, happiness and empowerment to your children.

I want you to be empowered and equipped to create balance within yourself so you can role with your own motherhood rhythm including the during the curveballs. To approach mothering your energy as you mother your child, with compassion, understanding and commitment by continuously showing up for yourself no matter what, so you can build a loving, trusting and respectful relationship with yourself.

And more than anything, I want you to show you you have everything you need inside of you to create change and a more intentional energised life from inside out. I will lead you by the hand and show you how to become that person who believes in yourself so you can unlock your magic and full potential.

To feel confident to claim your space and make yourself and the things you need a priority in your life – calmly and unapologetically. Alongside showing up as the mum you deserve to be minus the exhausting juggle.

The person who listens to your own inner knowing that brought you to this page for no other reason that you know—deep down—how important it is to you and your children and the bigger vision of who you have capacity to become.

The not so small print

Working with me will feel challenging and uncomfortable at times, because more often than not, we’ve got to face the wounds and heal the battle scars so you can wear them as badges of honour. But I am totally let by you. Although I have a structure to guide and direct you towards your vision how this is implemented is completely led by you, your needs and what your happy to embrace.

It’s also going to be a lot of fun! Health, motherhood, life should be more fun right? I’m all about having a laugh even whilst talking about the dark stuff.

What I can promise is that I believe in you more than you believe in yourself and I’m going to do everything I can to make you feel safe and supported as you go on this journey. I’m experienced and quite frankly, really f’ing good at holding space for Mothers as you work through your stuff – the parts of you and your life that are messy and untended, the parts filled with fear, resentment, sadness and rage.

Whether we’re talking about emotional pain, physical pain, or feeling completely lost in who you are, working with me is all about gaining momentum and moving forwards to a place of energy and vitality.

(By the way, this probably isn’t for you if you’re put off by any of the above or if you can’t tolerate swearing).



You’ll receive a 1-2-1, 1-hour coaching session fortnightly via zoom where we will deep dive into your personal storybook and work through your unique challenges and personally guide you on your journey to feeling whole, balanced and energised with effective, lasting results.

You’ll experience transformational NLP (neurolinguistic programming) techniques tailored to your needs to help you free yourself from your greatest energy drains and overcome your biggest hurdles.


You will receive an individualised plan within 24 hours of your initial session. This will be added to as you go through the process and will act as your personalised Energised Mother Roadmap for you to refer to and use moving forward. You will also receive handouts, cheat sheets, pre-recorded tutorials to reinforce 1-2-1 sessions and have in your personal library to revisit and review at any point.


All testing and supplement recommendations are optional and personalised to you, your wishes, desires and goals. If you go ahead with testing and supplement recommendations they are purchased separately to this coaching package. You will be given a 10% life docunt off supplements from the natural dispensary. Popular testing options include: Comprehensive hormone testing, Optimal nutrition evaluation, comprehensive digestive testing, stress hormone testing and thyroid panels


I pour my heart and soul into these sessions, offering you exactly what you need. I have helped my clients achieve phenomenal results (see some client love below) with feeling confident, empowered and energised in their own skin, and will guide you with the utmost care so you can feel calm and fulfilled in your own skin and enjoy your experience of motherhood

The Energised Mother
1-2-1 Programme


Module 1 – Where is your energy going? Get clear on YOUR hidden energy thieves so you can reignite your spark and shine bright without burning out!

In this module I meet you where you’re at! I will help you get beneath the surface and identify your biggest energy thieves and the impact they are having on your emotional and physical wellbeing. And guide you in creating your Energised Mother vision of where you desire to be. I will lead you through my Enerigised Mother Model – My 5 pillars to lasting energy and show you how to find resolution within your stress response so you can energise yourself,  flip the switch on your mindset from stressed to calm.

Module 2 – How well do you know yourself?  The foundations to lasting change happens at the identity level.

This IS the missing piece of your energy puzzle. I will walk you through my The Energised Mother identity blueprint which will enable you to view your lifes storybook through the lens of the hero’s journey.

I will share the 5 factors that shape who you are and the 4 pieces that make up your identity puzzle. This will give you a much deeper connection and compassionate understanding of yourself So you can feel accepting and at peace in your own skin, confident in your ability and self-worth and able to switch your focus to the gifts you bring to this world which increases your energy.

Module 3 –Mothering your Mindset – getting to the root of exhaustion so you can lighten your motherload.

Learn about the mechanics of your mind and how to harness it as one of your most powerful energising tools.

I will show you how to step off the mood rollercoaster and regulate your emotional state (and in turn be better equipped to regulate your children’s). Shift your perception from disempowering to empowering thoughts and update your limiting beliefs that make you question your worth and hold you stuck in your head. I will help you recharge your batteries for your strategies (values) so you can align your daily actions with what’s important to you and your energised mother vision.

This is a chunky but bloody life changing module that will help your transform how you think and feel so you can release self-judgement, free yourself from overthinking and adopt daily intentional actions that will give you back the gift of time and energy. For yourself and your family minus the exhausting effort and relentless juggle.

Module 4 –Prioritising your mission! – Feel like you again without the guilt.

I will share my Energise together system to help you prioritise your own needs within your family unit, alongside caring for your children so you can feel energised and fulfilled minus the constant guilt and resentment. In this module I share my Mother Missions model. This will help you create daily mini missions that help you show up for yourself and commit to your energy whilst modelling to your children their own potential to shine.

Module 5 –Balance within. How to use food to restore harmony within.

Balance is an inside job! Learn how to create balance within your body and mind using food as medicine so you can show up feeling calmer, more in flow and more balanced in your life.

I will share my  Energised Mother Balance blueprint to show you how to reduce inflammation overload so you can think clearly without the usual brain fog and overwhelm. Invest in your adrenal bank account so can jump out of bed in the morning and sustain your energy through to bedtime. And learn how to nurture your gut health so you can nourish your brain and feel lighter and more at peace in body and mind.

NB:  This is the magic bullet to responding to your children (and partners needs) without reacting and losing it!

Module 6 –Reboot your rhythm – and find your flow.

I will show you how to revolutionise your rest and restoration by creating a morning and evening ritual that will help you switch from wired to calm, feel more refreshed and balanced and be able to demand what you want to form your day not just what it demands from you.

Module 7 –Protecting your energy – Once you’ve got it here’s how to keep it!

Learn how to release unwanted emotions and put loving boundaries around your most precious resources so you can create more time and energy to invest in the things you love. In this module I will show you how to set and hold a boundary, so you channel your energy and time towards your value priorities. Express yourself and communicate your needs without getting into constant arguments. Reignite your love story and invest in your intimate relationships so you can create more love filled, quality time with your partner/loved ones.

Module 8 – Moving forward with ease so you ca BE your Energy – The Energised Mother Momentum model.

Bringing it all together – How to use this framework and these tools moving forward so you create momentum and lasting change and avoid the self-sabotage rollercoaster.

I will go over how to use these tools for life for you and your family so you can feel empowered and equipped to create balance within yourself. Role with your own motherhood rhythm including during the curveballs. Approach mothering your energy as you would your child, with compassion, understanding and commitment. And, continuously showing up for yourself no matter what and continue to build  a loving, trusting and respectful relationship with yourself.


Your investment.


4 instalments of £649

or save £100 and pay in full £2,497

Let’s hear from real life clients who have gone through this 1-2-1 coaching experience.


Meet Lizzie …
From tired, angry, sad, resentful of the kids and my life, to energetic, fun, present and patient.


Not in a good place. Tired, angry, sad, resentful of the kids and my life. It took me a long time of being aware of Annie before I actually made contact with her, as I didn’t even have the energy to type the email to ask for her help!

I had been struggling in one way or another for a really long time. I had PND after I had my sons and I had sought other sources of help, but all of them yielded fairly short-term results. I became aware of Annie as a friend had worked with her and shared a lot of her content. I was really interested, as the idea of being an “energised mother’ was very appealing, but the thought of reaching our for help was completely overwhelming. I didn’t want to admit how much I was struggling or how hard I was finding things. By the time I had got to the point of acceptance that I needed help, that’s when I got in touch with Annie.


When I think about how dreadful I felt when I first came to you and how I feel now (after only working with you for a couple of months) the difference is night and day. When I started working with Annie, I was taking the POP (progesterone only pill) to alleviate low mood in the week before my period (severe low mood!) Since working with Annie I have been able to come off the pill and have had two periods without the very scary low mood and dark thoughts.

Annie’s holistic approach leaves no stone unturned in terms of looking at everything that’s happening in my mind and body and is unlike anything I’ve tried before. That’s not to say that the program is overwhelming: it isn’t. It’s all very manageable and changes are introduced slowly and in bite sized chunks.

I feel better as a person and in turn that makes me better equipped to be the mum I want to be: energetic, fun, present and patient.

I now Understand myself better – what are my values and ensuring that what I am trying to achieve aligns with them. I have self-belief and Self-worth. I have Confidence in myself and that I am enough. I am worthy and I am worthy of love. Genuinely can’t believe I am even typing that, but I am and really believe it.


Meet Sarah …
From frazzled and surviving to rolling with the punches and thriving.


When I signed up to work with Annie I was feeling tired and frazzled, overwhelmed with the load of balancing work with mothering. I thought dietary changes and supplements would be all I needed to re-balance and start to feel better – thank-goodness Annie had other ideas!  She challenged me to dig deeper and identify what was important to me, to clarify my goals, to uncover my values and to set mini-missions for myself. In working with her to define these I unblocked a lot of things that had been holding me back and kept me ‘playing it small’ – I started having a-ha moment after a-ha moment and my perception on things that had been bothering me changed. Undoubtedly the biggest shift came when I started putting myself and my needs at the top of my to-do list.


The impact of these changes has been significant – I am happier than I have been in a long time, I am relaxed, I’m able to roll with the punches, I’m more patient with my little one (and the hubby!), life just feels so much more joyful! And it’s worth mentioning that I’m not the only one who has benefited from the work I have done with Annie – close family and friends have commented on the shift in my attitude and all my relationships feel like they have seen improvements. I can’t thank Annie enough for guiding me through this transformation. Honestly, if I could describe myself in one word now it would be ’thriving’.


Meet Fiona …
My children have their fun filled and happy mum back, my husband has his happy carefree wife back and more importantly I have my life back.


Before working with Annie, I felt like I was wading through treacle everyday. I was suffering with brain fog, lack of energy, I was indecisive and over thinking most things; in short, I was most definitely not enjoying my life in the way I should have been.

Through a systematic approach, we worked on resorting and improving my gut health to help bring back my energy levels and reduce the symptoms of brain fog. In addition to this we tackled some traumatic life events . Annie has helped me to reframe and address these events – this had led to a lot of closure and I now love and look after myself in the way that I should. We have set goals and broken down the limiting barriers I put in place for myself over the years.


It’s hard to put into words what the last 6 months have been like for me. But I hope this goes some way to helping you and any potential clients understand what a transformation I have gone through. You are truly one of the people who have had the biggest impact on my life. You have sling shot me forward to embark on a life I never thought possible, and I will always be wholeheartedly grateful for that. There is now a ripple effect occurring as the calm and more positive person I am now is impacting the lives of my family and friends around me. I am far more efficient with my time and carefree about many things that would have previously left me riddled with anxiety and worry. My children have their fun filled and happy mum back, and I am enjoying being a mum in a way I didn’t think was possible; my husband has his happy carefree wife back and more importantly I have my life back. I now look forward to each day and to the possibilities that it may bring and I am genuinely excited for the future.


Meet Gail …
From anxious and catastrophising to thanking my anxiety for keeping me safe but there’s no need to panic.


Before the course I was suffering chronic gut ill health; a poor relationship with food due to my anxieties about what would happen after I ate it; a lack of confidence; no self-worth; complete detachment from myself & body; constant worry & guilt; self-critical & catastrophising internal storytelling; chronic people – pleasing; a feeling of being lost & having no purpose.  I reached out to Annie finally when my gut issues came to a head and I was unable to manage them or cope any longer.  I had been following Annie for some time and knew she would be able to help – I felt strongly drawn & connected to her.


The programme has given me permission to be the person I AM – not the person I think others want me to be.  It has shown me that I can start to say, do, and enjoy all the things that are true & important to me, without fear of what reaction I get back.   I am brighter, feeling lighter in my heart, slightly less anxious and feeling connected to nature and the universe.  I don’t feel lost, lonely or useless anymore.  I am not worried quite so much about people’s opinions of me.

I am starting to think I might find confidence, whilst aligning myself with my deeply held values – for the first time in nearly 38 years.

What my clients are saying about me just in case you’re interested (have to have a little self indulgence right?)


I don’t have enough nice things to say about Annie. She is an amazingly positive, caring, knowable and insightful person. I felt like we clicked from our first conversation, which made the hard work I knew was to come, seem much less scary.


Annie was so reassuring and confident that change was possible for me, that I didn’t have to feel dreadful. Whilst at first I didn’t believe her, I started to, much sooner than I could have hoped.


It was clear that in our sessions Annie was really focussing on getting to know ME and my issues.


Annie is my absolute KNIGHTESS IN SHINING ARMOUR.  She has been genuinely wonderful to work with – kind, understanding, supportive, honest, real, funny, non-judgemental and easy to approach.  Not only has she supported me in working on improving my physical health problems, but she has also tackled all other aspects of my being – the emotional, spiritual, heart, and mental aspects of me as an individual.  I have felt strongly connected to Annie throughout this programme, and hope this connection remains.  She is a rare gem and I love her!


Annie is a truly sincere and caring person, her wealth of experience is not only in gut health and nutrition but also in life coaching. She is passionate about what she does and genuinely cares. I am sure there are many people in this line of work who go through ‘the motions’ with their clients, Annie is most definitely not like this. Her work matters and as a client, I felt that I mattered. I cannot rate Annie highly enough and am certain that anyone who works with her will see improvements in their life – I know I am well on the way to being the best person I can be.

FN – Sheffield


Annie’s passion for supporting mums and motherhood is so powerful; becoming a mum is bloody tough and you have given me a safe space to acknowledge how hard I have found the transition to mum, as well as lots of tools to help to help me going forward.

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