Liberate Yourself & Live.

The 3 month 1-2-1 program to help you embrace who are so you can create a life you love.

Are You Tired of going through the motions?

Do you feel like you’re wearing a mask that you’re desperate to put down?  So you’ve built your life around what was expected of you, add into the mix societal expectations, how you grew up and outdated values and you’re probably starting to realize that the life you thought you wanted is lacking joy, authenticity and excitement.

If you’re really honest…….

Outwardly you project an image that doesn’t align with your true self. There is a disconnection between how things look and how you feel on the inside

You’re experiencing a sense of boredom and stagnation, where life feels repetitive and lacking excitement. Things feel a bit ‘Meh’ and ‘Ground-Hoggy’.

You feel you’re settling for less than your true capabilities, all while hiding behind the mask of forced contentment.

You’re Fearful and hesitant to take the leap to the next level in various aspects of life.

You recognise conditioned people-pleaser traits, leading to prioritizing others’ needs over your own growth and desires.

You’ve reached a certain age and although you have a lot to be grateful for, success in certain areas isn’t giving you the fulfilment you desire. You sense a crucial missing element.

And if you don’t embrace change you know you’ll continue:

Lacking joy and excitement

Suffering internal conflicts that evoke emotions like anger, frustration, or sadness in are taking over your daily life

Feeling a loss of trust in yourself and the choices that have led to your current state

Sense of life being on hold, dictated by external sources rather than driven by your authentic self. You feel you’re been revolving opposed to evolving towards what you’re capable of

Craving a more lucrative business and authentic self-expression, yet feeling constrained. Sometimes you feel like giving up on your passions.

‘Liberate Yourself’

‘Liberate Yourself‘ is your shortcut to aligning with your true self, uncovering your unique gifts and strengths, and discovering what you genuinely desire. SO you can LIVE unapologetically and FEEL GOOD about it.

‘Liberate Yourself’ Will Help You

Release and Break Free

Uncover and end unhelpful patterns from the past so you can create new outcomes now

Rediscover Your Unique Gifts

Embrace your true expression and play to your strengths – you can finally bring your ‘This is Me’ energy to the table in life and business

Develop Confidence with Boundaries

Stop giving your power away, increase resilience to life's curveballs so you respond with calm and can’t be manipulated

Gain Clarity on Your Purpose

Define your mission, values, and vision with the confidence to live boldly and pursue your dreams. nobody can shake your foundations!

Quite simply, the bigger vision I hold for you is.

To shed the mask and live beyond labels, embracing your true self, bringing your ‘This is Me’ energy to the table of your life! Setting a profound legacy for your children, inspiring them to live boldly.


MY A.I.A Approach.

AUDIT Explore different masks you wear and recognize the signs. Unmasking begins with self-awareness. Let’s identify and remove the masks holding you back

IMPACT Delve into the consequences of maintaining the facade

ACT  Based on your unique needs and mask origins, learn how to return to yourself and live authentically

A guide of what we’ll work through over our 3-months together:

– What’s Possible: Share your story, uncover barriers, and gain clarity. This isn’t a rigid process but a personalized journey tailored to meet you where you are.

– Healing Patterns: Examine behavioral patterns, particularly your inner child. Release and make peace with the past to pave the way for a more authentic future.

Trust Your Choices: Address self-doubt, go back to your teenage years, and rebuild self-trust. Establish the foundation for unwavering boundaries.

– Taking Responsibility: Reflect on adulthood, gain awareness of fears, and release what holds you back from being your true self

Evolved: Unveil who you wish to be, creating a vision for your future. Set the foundations for the new, evolved version of yourself to flourish.

How the program is organised:

1.  6 transformational coaching sessions (1 hr session via zoom every fortnight over 3 months)

2.  Interim  WhatsApp/email support for anything that may arise in between sessions – we keep the conversation open so you are fully supported.

3. A plan! We all love a plan! I will keep a record of the questions, exercises and feedback in a simple word doc plan so you have everything in one place and can access your learnings as a roadmap at any point. Don’t feel you have to remember everything.

Is This Program Right for You?

If you resonate with any of the following, this program is designed for you:

Open-Minded achiever:

You’re an open-minded, people-helping, cycle-breaking, intuitive badass. Your mission is to contribute positively to the world in your own authentic and impactful way… but you can feel yourself holding back

Creative Yearning for Expression:

As a creative soul, you feel suppressed and constrained. You aspire to express yourself confidently, playing to your strengths, and unlocking your true potential… but you’re unclear how

Seeker of Personal Growth:

You recognize that past trauma lingers, leaving a void in your personal growth journey. You are ready to explore and heal the missing pieces for yourslef and generations to come

Ready for sustainability:

What you seek is the right support and approach that ensures transformative moments and realizations that prove the test of time.

Don’t take my word for it !..hear from my liberated  clients

About me

Hi I’m Annie, I’m on a mission to help you drop the mask and unleash your authentic power so you can live your version of freedom and joy……with energy!
A pivotal milestone in my authenticity journey was joining the college of Naturopathic Medicine back in 2012. Qualifying as a registered Nutritional Therapist enabled me to understand myself and my clients much more holistically and inspired my ‘inside out’ approach to health.

My Unique Approach: what you can expect from me!

Honesty and Authenticity
Embrace honesty as a core value. Own your life story to inspire and validate others
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Abundant Energy and Enthusiasm
Characterized by immense energy and enthusiasm - think Rock Star! "THIS IS ME!"
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The Peaceful Rebel
Inspiring people to question societal norms and rules, advocating individuality and self-expression.
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Learning from ADHD
Views ADHD as a valuable teacher, guiding to tap into unique strengths and perspectives
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Spiritual and Holistic Outlook:
Incorporating spirituality, embracing holistic principles, acknowledging the interconnectedness of life.
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Balancing Science and Magic
Balancing the scientific with the mystical, exploring the “magic of the universe.”
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Ready for a Liberated Life?

Imagine stripping back the layers, aligning with your true self, and feeling unsettled yet empowered. ‘Liberate Yourself’ is your guide to authenticity, with support every step of the way.

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