As a Therapist, I was not immune to postnatal depression, anxiety and burnout and the common gaps mothers fall through. I had many dark days in the early period of motherhood. I felt floored with exhaustion. I had lost the spark for life.  I see you in a way that I couldn’t see myself when in the thick of it.

As you may be feeling, too, I knew in my heart there had to be another way. I followed the work I now share with mothers and flicked my internal power switch ON. My inner flame ignited and my passion for life returned. This is how I was able to remember my true self and step into the New Way for motherhood. I have the energy to play with my daughter Bonnie Boo and find joy and purpose in my life.

I didn’t think it was possible when in the trenches of exhaustion.

It is this depth of understanding that I bring to support you.


Vulnerability sounds like truth and feels like courage.

Brene Brown

Once I felt whole and energised, I could then enjoy my time with Bonnie.   

If I had let the exhaustion and my reduced mental capacity continue unchecked, my little Bonnie would have had me there in body, but not in spirit. If I had continued as I was, I wonder if I would have remembered much of Bonnie’s childhood. I wasn’t there. I was nowhere. 

didn’t want Bonnie to see the martyr mummy in me. I knew there had to be another way. 

My mission is to leave a legacy for Bonnie but also to live that legacy here and now by sharing the New Way of motherhood. 

This New Way shows you how you can thrive as a mother and also as the person you came here to be. 

The work it took to get to this place was not easy. It took a lot of research and piecing together the puzzle.   


I believe this journey happened for me not to me. These puzzle pieces are now part of my Energised Mother Programme. You CAN mother from a place of abundance and vitality and I can show you the way. My happy journal played a big part in my recovery. I recorded all the things I used to like doing before I had Bonnie (you kind of forget about fun and pleasure in the trenches of motherhood, hey) . It was the commitment to this small exercise which started me on the path to remember who I am here to be.  

I now support mothers to connect the dots to their wellbeing with a bit of science and a lot of magic – the New Way is a way of life not just for Christmas! We all wish we had eagle vision but we can’t see what is right in front of us. 

My daughter is a summer solstice baby. As her mother, I try to nourish her wild heart and spirit. This is the approach I use for the Mother Stars who go through my Energised MotherProgramme. I want you to rekindle your inner spirit so you come alive once again.   

You CAN be a mum who chooses to wear leopard print, listens to loud music (Foo Fighters for me) and does things that are just for your own pleasure even if they are a bit bonkers. You can have a thriving career and anything else you can add to your list. The possibilities are endless. 

I see where you are now (you are doing an amazing job) and meet you there but I then become your Cheerleader to the New Way to remember who you are here to be and restore your vitality so you can light up the world. 


If you’re all about the destination, then take a f***ing flight.

Frank Turner

I want to be really clear. I’m also living and breathing this. The reality is motherhood is hard. Which is why I have continued to refine my Energised Way to give you the foundational tools, a roadmap for focus and the inner key to unlock your own magic…which goes beyond science.

I’ve come to learn is your Motherhood experience is not really about your kids! (yes I said it) it’s about your own sense of self-worth and the relationship you have with yourself. Of course, you love your kids with every inch of your being, they are your WHY, the centre of your universe. But what I really want you to know, is that there is room for you too to claim your space in your own life.

I’m going to help you transform your thinking and how you feel about yourself and give you the tools needed for you to put yourself in the centre of your own life and show up for yourself no matter what. So you shift your experience and enjoyment of motherhood and how happy and fulfilled and alive YOU feel in YOUR own skin which ripples outwards and models to your children their own potential.


And, it doesn’t have to be boring and you don’t have to do it alone!

I am walking (sometimes dancing) the motherhood path alongside you. I bring the geeky science facts together with the inner mother rockstar spirit. I bring fun to the table of health and wellbeing.

And a huge amount of belief.

I see you.

I believe in YOU and:

I believe it all starts with empathy

I believe the journey should be fun and playful

I believe in being authentic – being true to ourselves and the image we project in the world

I believe in growth – we are eternal life students and always growing

Be inspirational

10 things about me


I love the Foo Fighters so much Dan didn’t tell me when they played on our wedding day, in case I bailed on him.


As a teenager I did competitive dressage and was trained by Olympic medallist Carl Hester.


In 2006 I spent 10 months living in a mud hut in the eastern cape of South Africa working on a community health education programme.


In 2004 I spent 1 month rehabilitating at the Thankrabok Buddhist Monastery in Thailand. Whilst there I played the bass guitar for Tim Arnold at a Buddhist festival.


I have a decade of experience working in support for people with substance misuse, domestic violence, homelessness, mental health and was part of the National Troubled Families Agenda providing coaching and parenting support for families in need.


I’m a complete empath and I feel the truth more than I am able to articulate it.


I got on stage with the Bloodhound Gang at Glasto 2000. This was also the year David Bowie headlined the Pyramid Stage and it was amazing.


My dad is a huge inspiration for me, who had many different careers following his passions across the country. As such I’ve had 20 different home addresses.


When Bonnie was 5 months old, she accompanied Dan and I on a three-week Europe wide trip with the British Junior Snowboard Team. During that time she travelled through six countries and made it to the highest point in the Austrian Alps. She was none-the-wiser.


My mum is a an energy healer and huge inspiration to me, and the reason I am a qualified radionics practitioner and passed my Reiki 1 and 2 qualifications.

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