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Let Go and Liberate

Your one month fast-track to freedom!

Is there something holding you back?

Something that you’re struggling to let go of?  Something you can’t quite put your finger on or maybe you have the awareness but ‘going there’ and making changes feels scary?  But you know that life would be so much more peaceful and enjoyable (not to mention having more headspace) if you were able to get emotional closure on the thing?

Are you struggling with:

Not being able to let go of something painful.

Derailed by emotions like sadness, guilt, shame.

Stuck in a loop of overthinking and worry.

Holding it all together……but the cracks are starting to show

But you want…

To feel Liberated! Freeing. I would also feel more able to make changes and no feel I have to live the way society expects and dictates

Go to the next level in your business

To have more energy.

Feel a wee bit more relaxed

Rid yourself of guilt and shame for not being where you “should” be

Who this is for?

You’re an open-minded, freedom-seeking, cycle-breaking, intuitive badass. Your mission is to contribute positively to the world in your own authentic and impactful way… but you can feel yourself holding back. And keep spiralling down rabbit holes of doom and self-loathing (even though on Instagram you have all of your shit together). You feel like a closet hot-mess but know in your heart you are capable of amazing things!

What you get?

1. three time one on one 90-minute transformational coaching sessions focused on identifying and releasing one core block that is holding you back.

2.  WhatsApp/email support for the duration of our time together.

3. A Plan! Summaries feedback from our sessions, action steps and personalized resource recommendations to support
you in your corner for one month as your coach and biggest supporter!

Why choose  me?

This is why I’m the right coach for you……I’ve been there got the tattoos I mean the t-shirt, and all the quos (NLP, Transformational coaching, Nutritional Therapist) which means I can hard relate to feeling stuck in despair but knowing that you are meant for more.

I know what it feels like to numb out with mindless scrolling and procrastination paralysis
To wake up and immediately be filled with dread and anxiety
To not be able to shake the feeling that you’re wasting your life

I know that your best days are yet to come but to move forward to a future filled with confidence, authenticity and excitement let go and liberate. In this 1-month Fast track to freedom I will gently guide you to uncover and release an unhelpful pattern from the past so you can move on with your life in a completely new and liberated light

Don’t take my words for it……hear from my LIBERATED clients!.

Your investment


Pay in full

  • Once payment

Pay in 2 installments

  • 2 times payment

Get The Life You Always Wanted

Are you ready to Liberate and Let go so you can feel secure in your skin and excited about the future and all the possibilities? Let’s do this!
Contact me to arrange a friendly call….

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