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Annie is such a friendly and approachable nutritional therapist that I highly recommend her. She was able to hone in on the areas she felt I needed to work on and made some great recommendations for supplements and changes to diet that easy to implement. She was so supportive and emailed easy to follow plans after every consultation and review. The problems I had of lethargy, stress and acne were easily addressed by these changes and I feel so much better. Who would have thought that such a few little tweaks would have had such a big impact! I’m now taking my daughter to Annie too.  Thanks Annie!

Katie Marx, Mum of 3.


I approached Annie to get some diet and lifestyle advice regarding the health of my teeth, muscle cramps and spasms I had been experiencing in my legs, and what I can do to reduce the hay-fever I suffer from in the midsummer months. Throughout my consultation Annie was approachable and understanding and she took a thorough history of my health. She helped me understand possible triggers to my symptoms by piecing together events in my life which may have contributed to my current state of health. She really got to know me and my lifestyle and helped me to identify the key issues and goals for improvement. Her feedback was personalised, enlightening and given in a way which empowered me to follow her recommendations which included reducing acid forming foods from my diet, increasing magnesium rich foods and foods with anti-inflammatory properties as well as lifestyle recommendations to support relaxation and muscle recovery. I have noticed improvements in my all round health as well as my symptoms within a couple of weeks. I can highly recommend Annie. Her lovely nature inspires confidence, she is 100% professional and her passion and knowledge of the subject shines through.”

Thank you so much Annie.

Corinne, mum of 2



Annie has worked patiently (we don’t make changes easily) and diligently (we have a lot of problems) with my family for the last couple of years. As a result my son is now an athlete who eats a superb diet (imagine living with a teenager who won’t eat haribo, McDonald’s or birthday cake) and is buzzing to take part in his first boxing match next month. Obviously I’m less buzzing for that but his massive lifestyle improvements will undoubtedly lead to him living really well for much longer. My partner and I also eat much healthier too and a range of complaints have drifted away. Steaky sleeps better, I don’t get up 5 times a night for the loo and we’re much more active together. Our biggest miracle though was taking some supplement advice from Annie- turmeric capsules. Turmeric was recommended about 2 years ago to reduce inflammation and I finally got round to buying some just before Christmas last year. Within 10 days my chronically painful frozen shoulder was mobile and pain free. Two months later I have detoxed from the over the counter cocodamol that I couldn’t cope without and was totally addicted to. Being pain free means I am exercising more and much more able to manage my eating. Our knees are better too and Steaky believes he is much less susceptible to the arthritic future his genes used to promise him. Annie is a great person to work with, understanding and accepting. It is so worth looking at your life using Annie’s massive knowledge!’’

Rachel, mum of 2


‘’I consulted with Annie to establish a weight-loss regime and address a few niggling issues that I felt could be improved by diet. I couldn’t have been in better hands! Throughout the process Annie was most supportive and addressed all my concerns in a professional and thorough manner. She recommended an eating plan which was most comprehensive, supported by supplements. I’ve been following Annie’s invaluable advice, and not only do I feel so much better, I’ve lost weight as well! I can’t recommend her highly enough. Try her and you’ll see!’’

Steph Webb, Mum of 1

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