Do you feel exhausted, stressed and like you are operating in survival mode?

Do you find children’s nutrition fascinating, but are confused and overwhelmed by the mixed messages from the media that make you feel like you are not doing enough? Do you just want to know what YOUR child needs for good brain development and general wellbeing?

Does seeing to everyone’s nutritional needs and trying to manage your own self-care needs leave you feeling exhausted? Do you often end up at the bottom of the pile?

Does trying to model healthy habits to your kids add to your overwhelm, alongside trying to get by whilst juggling the never-ending demands of your heavy mother-load?

Would you love to reclaim your energy so you can feel alive, calm, more on top of stuff and enjoy more time with your family?

I see you, I hear you and I have something for you! It’s something out of this world … introducing: 


The Good Bugs Picnic – A parent’s fun guide to nourishing your family from inside out, so you can all live more, play more and love life more.

All for £9.99! 


“I hope you get the chance to reach more people, they will be the better for it. Your expansive knowledge is brilliant and you explain things at an easy & understandable level for any age.” Kim 

Health should not be stressful or boring. It should be empowering, fun and family-focused. focused. The Good Bug Picnic is the tool you’ve been waiting for! It is a 71-page science-based guide created by me, Annie Breen, a registered Nutritional Therapist, to educate, empower and breathe life and laughter back into your family’s health.   


Let’s get our families together to discover the fun of healthy nutrition! 

What is included in the Good Bugs Picnic?

  • It is a 71-page guide created by me, Annie Breen, a registered Nutritional Therapist. Based on scientific research, the Good Bugs Picnic has been created to educate and empower you and to give you the tools to breathe life and laughter back into mealtimes and your family’s health.
  • It’s suitable for the whole family and includes simple, practical recommendations to suit all levelsalongside beautiful and engaging illustrations for the very little ones.
  • It’s science made fun so you can fully understand why gut health is so important. Knowing the WHY empowers the HOW .
  • It’s packed to the rafters with a rainbow of recipes (including meat and vegetarian options) to suit all nutrition groups and needs. 
  • The guide includes evidence based nutritional recommendations rooted in science .
  • It’s loaded with recommendations to support health from the very roots for sustainable, long term health outcomes .
  • The Good Bugs Picnic will help you feel empowered to make the right choices for your children until they are educated enough to make those choices for themselves .
  • Alongside a fun and educational story following a little boy called Ned, the Good Bugs Picnic is choca full of additional resources for the whole family including recipes, a fun family meal challengea gut bug game, a gut loving food guide, a poo guide (and what kid doesn’t love that!?), a guide on how to create a winning plate every time, a guide to work through stress and anxiety and much, much more! 

What some of my Superstar Mum Clients have to say ...

“Annie’s Good Bugs Picnic is amazing! It’s full of amazing educational resources and recipes for myself, and my children absolutely love the gorgeous and colourful illustrations. My 5-year-old in particular has developed a keen interest in her ‘good’ and ‘bad’ gut bugs and loves feeding them the right food. She’s even started trying (and ultimately loving) a couple of new foods which she’s previously vowed never to eat. Thank you Annie, for giving me confidence in feeding my family and bringing the fun back into mealtimes!


Who is it for?

Do you worry that…  

  • You’re struggling to strike a balance between treats and rubbish?
  • Your health is not great and that you’re not being a good role model to your children?

  • Your child might not be getting enough of what they need and that you’re not succeeding in balancing the good with the bad?
  • You’re not getting enough variety of vegetables and nutritious food while trying to maintain a busy work and family life? 

  • About your child’s concentration at school and that they get labelled a naughty child, but you know them and that there’s something else the matter?

  • Your child has tummy problems that you can’t get to the bottom of? They just seem to be tired and washed out and you’re struggling to get to the root cause. 

  • You end up cooking three or four different meals at once and trying to cater for what’s healthy for everyone, all the while adding to your motherload? 
  • Your child may never outgrow the fussy eating stage?

  • Efforts to encourage your children to try new and varied foods often turn into a mealtime battle?

  • Your child has a constant runny nose and never seems to shift a cold? Are you confused and feeling like you’re not getting the help you need?

  • Your child has irregular bowel movements and regular tummy issues preventing them going to/staying in schoolYou’ve been told it’s IBS, but want to know what this is and what you can do.

  • You feel completely helpless, when your child feels run down and you wish you knew what you could give them? 

  • You or your children may have some food intolerances or sensitivities but you’re not sure how to navigate them in a sea of conflicting messages? Or you’re confused about alternative food products that work for your intolerances? 

  • You’re lacking guidance from a qualified expert to bust some myths and show you a way that works for you and your family? 

If any of these sound familiar, then the Good Bugs Picnic is for you! Deeply rooted in scientific research, it will help to soothe your anxiety and empower you to make the right decisions for your family when it comes to health and nutrition. I’ve pulled this guide together as a tool for you mums to bring fun and laughter back into the often stressful and confusing world of kids (and adult!) nutrition and give you a chance to bring your family together throughout difficult times. 


What can I expect to get out of the Good Bugs Picnic?

I’ve pulled together this fun and educational guide as a tool for your whole family to come together, laugh together and to make mealtimes fun again. Reading this guide will equip you with knowledge that will empower you to make the best choices for yourself and your family to support your health, wellbeing and happiness.  


So many of my superstar mum clients struggle in a sea of conflicting messaging and advice when it comes to family nutrition – this eBook is here to help you cut through the noise and find a way that works for you. The Good Bug Picnic is full of fun and engaging illustrations, fun facts, stories and activities you can share with your children to spend some quality time together whilst learning all about the importance of loving our gut and body to feel happy and healthy. 

the good bugs picnic guide

Offer – features & unique sales proposition

  • This 71-page guide has everything you need to 
  • suitable for the whole family 
  • 25 gut-bug friendly, family friendly recipes, inc vegetarian and meat options 
  • Fun gut bug facts – illustrating what they do to support your health and why looking after your gut bugs is important 
  • The bug stars superstar game –  
  • A list with pictures of gut loving superfoods 
  • A gut loving foods shopping list 
  • A gut loving healthy winning plate guide – how to build a healthy, balanced food plate  
  • What’s good, what’s not so good guide 
  • The clue is in your poo guide – find out what your poo says about you 
  • Some fun, simple tips on working through stress and anxiety as a family 
  • Eat the rainbow challenge 
  • A guide to probiotics and some reputable brands  
  • References and recourses to support your journey going forward 
  • Cookbook and book recommendations  

The Good Bugs Picnic Guide

All this for £9.99

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