Ep021 – Baby Reflux with Aine Horner


A year late but sounding great! A massive apology to Aine who was kind enough to give me her time and expertise, over a year ago, to record Episode 21 of the Be You Mum podcast. This episode also marks the end of an era with this podcast with it being the last episode. However, there are (loose) plans for a new podcast – The Energised Mother Podcast. Watch this space. In this final episode, I chat to Aine Homer, A.K.A. The Baby Reflux Lady, whose mission is to bring clarity to the confusion around baby reflux. She is the voice of unsettled babies, an advocate for parents and caregivers, an activist for changing how baby reflux is treated across the world, and an educator to all professionals who want to learn how babies can be better supported. Her greatest gift to the world is in translating a baby’s symptoms and behaviours into understanding and action. Showing you where to take action, how to free them from reflux and colic, and manage any allergies or intolerances. Through her work (including The Baby Reflux Lady’s Survival Guide), Aine teaches parents how to read their baby’s symptoms, figure out what is causing their baby’s reflux (because reflux is a symptom and has multiple different causes), and then take that one action that is going to change their lives, because it addresses the underlying cause of their baby’s reflux. This episode really is pack full of things you need to know including debunking some of the common myths. What you can do to help resolve reflux in your baby by understanding the potential underlying cause(s). And finally, which is soooo important, reassuring you that you DO know your baby better than anyone else.


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