BeYouMum and Nourish

A 6-week online group programme for ‘mums to be’ beginning 26th April 2019.

Hello Lovely

Are you pregnant or planning your pregnancy? How are you feeling? I’m sure you’ve thought about and have a plan for the financial and practical aspects of having a child – such as sleeping arrangements, your house, your transport, a travel system and perhaps even to bottle or breastfeed.

But have you thought about how to prepare YOU for the changes ahead?

We spend so much time focussing on our external environment to help us feel better prepared, organised and in control, we forget that to be a happy, healthy Mum, you must first become a happy, healthy You.

I truly believe that Motherhood is the most significant journey of self-discovery and self-growth that you will ever go on, as well as the most significant transition and transformation you will ever make. So, whether this is your first, second or third child, we experience a new Matrescence each time, that brings with it an incredible opportunity to grow, expand, and shine.

My BeYouMum and Nourish programme aims to help you set foot on your motherhood journey and become more connected to you, your physical and emotional needs, your identity and your personal power.

Just as we listen to our baby’s heart, we must connect with and listen to our own.

My BeYouMum and Nourish programme puts you at the centre of the equation, offering you the support, knowledge and gained wisdom from others to empower, connect and achieve an informed mind, nourished body, happy heart and a healthy gut.

I have created a safe space to bring together a small group of women who are all embarking on their Matrescence. Coming together as a group creates a sense of community, as mothers we’re never meant to parent alone. My aim is to bring together a small tribe so we can connect, share, inspire and empower each other along our journeys. After all, it takes a village to raise a mother!

BeYouMum and Nourish offers weekly support over six weeks and will help you to:

Connect with your inner spark and identity.

Love your gut.

Lay the foundations for a happy, healthy pregnancy and motherhood.

Get off on the right foot by nourishing the body so that you feel physically, spiritually and emotionally fulfilled.

Focus on YOU! It’s easy to lose yourself early on as there is so much focus on the baby.

Be the agent of your own Matrescence.

Find the answers from within rather than looking to others for them.

Reduce your overthinking and trust that you’re doing right by you.

Begin modelling the behaviours we wish to see our children become.

Session Structure:


  • Week 1 – Connection. This week is all about connecting – with each other, yourself and your own identity. A stronger sense of connection helps create and sustain change. We have to have a clear sense of our own ‘Why’ and be clear on our priorities to enable us to adopt healthier habits in relation to food, nutrition, stress management, exercise…the list goes on. This is the foundations of health and happiness, whatever that may look like to you!
  • Week 2 – Love you, Love your Gut. The gut is the gateway to health and Mothers are Gatekeepers. For you to show up and shine every day for your children, we must first nourish ourselves. Food is information and all this information needs to be processed through our gastrointestinal tract, munched up by our gut bugs and absorbed into our bodies so that it can do its magic and nourish our body, brain and mind.
  • Week 3 – Managing your Life load. Stress is a factor in every chronic health condition. The body responds to stress in the same way, whether it’s emotional, physical, psychological, or environmental stress. Understanding your ‘life load’ can identify areas where you can create a little space and lighten the load to allow our bodies to help build stress resilience.
  • Week 4 – Energy. Energy is everything and everything is energy. We will discuss improving metabolic energy from a nutritional point of view, how we can support our adrenal health and balance our energy through the day. We will also discuss emotional energy and how this can be the biggest drain of energy. We will discuss strategies for protecting our energy by creating boundaries.
  • Week 5 – Mothering your Matrescence. Matrescence is the concept of becoming a mother, it is personal, limitless in terms of time and a huge opportunity for growth as an induvial as well as a mother. As well as the physical and hormonal shifts we encounter during this transition, we also experience psychological changes and an identity transformation. We will cover the 4 key areas of Matrescence and how by understanding them can allow us to embrace the magic of this process.
  • Week 6 – Recap. What have we learnt? And how will we maintain and sustain the changes we wish to make?

How it works

  • The sessions will be carried out via Zoom. You just need to download the app to your computer or phone, and I will send you a weekly invitation.
  • Every Friday morning 9am-10am for 6 weeks, starting on the 26th April 2019
  • I will send out an exercise/worksheet before each session – this will relate to each topic and form the basis of our discussion.
  • You will get a free BeYouMum notebook to record your journey. (image to right)
  • Access to a closed Facebook group.
  • Access to closed recipe share Facebook group.
  • Handouts, recipes and resources to support you on your journey.

Step into your personal power and let your mummy magic shine 




(or 2 x instalments of £75)